LegalNews : Jet ski. A tax in 2013 to maintain the lighthouses of Brittany (France)

On 1 January 2013, all owners of jet skis, 90 kW or more (about 12,000 people in France) will have to pay a tax - from 300 to 900 € - to use their gear. The money raised will be used to maintain five lighthouses Breton.
"All orders for us are becoming more stringent. Looks like the authorities want the death of the jetski. After regulated drastically points launching on the coast, that we are imposing a new tax. Without a doubt, the number of owners of jet skis, disgusted by the turn things are taking, will melt like snow. " At the headquarters of the French Federation powerboat (FFM), in Paris, it was felt that this "French language" jet skis-term-official of the customs code was introduced by the previous government to bail out only the State.
"A calculation iniquitous"
"The calculation of the tax is unfair. The jet skis will be taxed at the € 3 kilowatts (kW) for power located between 90 and 159kW, € 4 and beyond. While boats are taxed 20centimes of kilowatts. We are not opposed to paying a fee but the difference is enormous and can not be explained. " Another criticism was the destination of the money raised. It will, initially, to maintain five lighthouses transferred by the Lighthouses and Beacons in the Coastal Protection: that of Stiff at Ushant (29), the tip of the Cats, Groix; of Tristan in Douarnenez ( 29); of Miiller in Beuzec Cape Sizun (29) and, finally, that of the Colts, Belle-Ile-en-Mer. "What to do with us? No. Because we have strict prohibition of night time navigation. There is no logic in this, "commented there be to the FFM, which is not only to protest. On specialized forums too, the tension is palpable. Especially since the printed declaration were inserted into the mailboxes.
No tax in freshwater
Many people who plan to register their vehicle abroad. Bad option, because they will still be liable to pay tax when operating in French waters. With one exception: the jet skis will be exempt operating exclusively on closed bodies of water, like lakes or ponds. Initially, there was talk of extending this to francization motorboats under 7m. In 2010, Socialist Senator finistérien FrançoisMarc had protested against this new tax, in his department, was not without consequence. 50,000 vessels under 7m having registered more than 10% of homes have been tax department concerned.

(French source original from Didier Déniel / letelegramme.com )

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