Business news : In London, the MTB equipped with inventions "made in Normandy" ( FRANCE)

Two French bikers use this weekend, mountain bike events at the Games in London, bikes with improvements developed by a young company Herouville St. Clair, Shift Up Engineering

Saturday, Julie Bresset use an ATV with a fork made ​​by the young company for its customers, the Taiwanese ATV manufacturer SR Suntour. Sunday, Jean-Christophe Peraud, silver medalist in 2008, will ride a bike with two boosted their innovations: a system for hydraulic front suspension and a chain guide.

Parts manufactured in Brittany and Normandy

Developed internally, these two innovations are commercialized for three months. The parts are made in Normandy and Brittany, assembled in Engineering Shift Up.

Shift Up Engineering was established in 2010 by two engineers Caen ATV enthusiasts, and Pierre Romain Boireaux Plantet Geoffroy. The latter, who lives in Germany, is also top athlete. It is part of Team Lapierre International and finished 7th at last mountain bike championships in France.

New products :

System for hydraulic front suspension : 
Get an Ultra Light SID by mounting the Shift Up cartridge, light motion control...

Advantages :
  1. Ultra-lightweight (Weight reduction of 100g*)
  2. High performance oil suspension
  3. Competition lock out (Very stiff)
  4. Used by the best riders

Chain guide:
To use your bike crankset with only one chain ring, mount the Shift-Up Chain Guide :
It guides the chain to the closest and optimized weight/fitness. We have developed the product thanks to our riding/engineering skills and tested it for over 6 months.

 (FrenchSource ouest-france.fr  and shift-up )

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