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Tecnica Group plans for the future.
Giavera Del Montello, ITALY (August 29, 2012)  -- Tecnica Group SpA announced that Peter Weaver, currently CEO of  the Tecnica Group’s USA organization, will assume the role of Global CEO for the Tecnica Group effective  September 1, 2012.  In addition to his new global leadership responsibilities, he will maintain his position as CEO of the Tecnica Group USA.

Weaver’s appointment is part of a planned generational leadership transition following the announcement by the Group’s current President, CEO, and Founder, Giancarlo Zanatta, that he would be retiring after nearly 50 years of operational leadership.  Zanatta  will remain President of the Board and will focus on the Group’s long-term and strategic opportunities.

Zanatta’s son, and current General Manager of the Tecnica Group SpA, Alberto Zanatta, will retain his position as General Manager of the Group, as well as assume the new role of Vice President of the Board. He will work closely with, and report to, Weaver in this new management structure.
Weaver has extensive international experience in sporting goods and has previously held many senior leadership roles including CEO of Marker International and President of Easton Technical Products.  He is a graduate of both Amherst College and the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business.

 “I have a long working relationship with Giancarlo Zanatta, and I am pleased to contribute to building the future of the company and supporting the generational transition” says Weaver. “The value of its brands, the quality of its products, and the excellence of the professional skills in the company are a formidable platform for maintaining and developing the leadership of Tecnica Group.”

Weaver adds,  “With my focus shifted much more to global issues, I am grateful to have a strong brand leadership team already in place in our New Hampshire HQ to drive our continued success in the US market and have every confidence that they will.  Further, I believe that my presence in the Global HQ, and the international partnership that it represents, will allow our Group to even better address the needs of the US consumer and market.”

“I have known for a long time the professional skills and international experience of Peter Weaver, and I fully trust that the new management structure can represent for our company a positive change.  Bringing in an American to lead an Italian family company is a clear sign of our Group’s international commitment and creates a powerful global partnership combining the best aspects of America and Europe.  From my side, I will focus my experience on the strategic future of Tecnica Group but am confident that our Group market leadership will continue to grow with the new team and the next generation in place” says Giancarlo Zanatta.
Tecnica Group SpA is a global leader in the Wintersports, Outdoor, and Sporting Goods markets delivering best in class products to athletes and enthusiasts worldwide through its Tecnica, Nordica, Blizzard, Lowa, Dolomite, Moon Boot, Rollerblade and Bladerunner brands.

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