France , Crowdfunding : GIROPTIC Introduces the World's First Full HD, 360-Degree Camera

Today on Kickstarter, the new 360cam is the first camera able to take true, high-definition, 360-degree photographs and videos, which can be shared using a number of today’s applications. 

LIlle, France  May 20, 2014
GIROPTIC, a leading innovator of 360-degree technology, opened the door today to a new generation of versatile cameras and unprecedented levels of engaging content with the launch of the world’s first 360-degree camera.

The new 360cam is the first camera able to take true, high-definition, 360-degree photographs and videos, which can be shared using a number of today’s applications.

"Creating your own Street View of the places you love is fun and easy. In one click with the 360cam, anyone can create 360 degree interactive photo spheres and then share them on Google Maps and Google+,” stated Evan Rapoport, Product Manager, Google Maps and Photo Sphere

The 360cam has been in development for more than two years, and will ship to early Kickstarter backers. To that end, the Kickstarter campaign begins on May 20, 2014, and will run for 45 days. With the help of many passionate individuals, these devices will be released later this year.

The 360cam will be available for as low as US $249, but watch for discounts, specials and rewards, include an underwater kit, home security accessories and more, all on Kickstarter at http://www.giroptic.com/kickstarter.

“Driven by the convergence of technology and sociology, video has become ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives. But, in the end, current solutions are leaving us flat and wanting more,” stated Richard Ollier, CEO and Founder of GIROPTIC. “More and more, consumers are wanting to move to a more spherical world. Our focus was to design a versatile, robust 360-degree camera that will enable people to self-capture full high-definition, 360-degree immersive footage of their favorite activities. We’re creating a world where life happens in 360 degrees.”

The 360cam’s technology is a new way of capturing, broadcasting and enjoying videos. The device is an oblong-shaped design that is no bigger than a large egg. The camera features three 185-degree lenses that overlap, capturing the full field of view. Once captured, the images are processed on the internal processors in real-time, and are stitched together by way of GIROPTIC’s proprietary, patent-pending technology.

“For two years, our team was dedicated to inventing a ground-breaking design, most notably, a clever three-lens optical system with on-chip stitching inside the camera. The result is a camera that takes in everything with one click; up, down and all around. It doesn’t miss a thing,” said Ollier.
The 360cam also features:
  •     Small, compact design weighing less than 150 grams
  •     8 megapixel still images @ three frames per second
  •     Full HD video, 2048 x 1024, at 30 frames per second
  •     Internal Wi-Fi connectivity and a cloud-based VSaS for video surveillance and enabling live 360-degree video streaming to a computer or mobile device
  •     Software playback support for Mac OSX, Windows 7, 8 iOS and Android
Quick and Easy Capture, Editing and Sharing

Uploading videos is just as easy. To share their 360-degree experiences, users can stream real-time private video to the cloud or their mobile devices. In addition, users are able to record videos or take photographs, saving them on the internal SD card. And, of course, users will be able to upload their creation on Facebook or Twitter through the 360.TV app to share with friends and family.

Accessories and Services

In addition to the camera, a number of accessories were created to help users do things, such as share their memories of a day at the beach, or keeping an eye on the office, or even professionally broadcasting a live event in 360 degrees. Those accessories include:

  •     The Underwater Lens Cups – for water play and underwater fun
  •     The Professional Video POE Adapter – for live events and video surveillance
  •     Home Security Bulb – attach to any light bulb socket to use electrical power
  •     Cloud Observation – uses Wi-Fi to connect to the cloud from any mobile device
For more information, please visit http://www.360.tv.

About the Company

GIROPTIC, based in Lille, France, believes that the greatest growth in optics will be in 360-degree consumer cameras. Since 2008, we have already shipped more than 3,000 devices. The Company’s versatile line of robust 360-degree cameras and accessories enables people to self-capture full HD, 360-degree immersive footage of themselves enjoying their favorite activities. From Consumers to Businesses, from Mainstream to Extreme, the GIROPTIC line of devices will transform the way consumers capture, manage and share their photos and videos.

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