US, The WriteBack.com has been launched. Bringing Volume, Profit and Speed, To the Powersports Business

BOISE ID – May 21, 2014 – The WriteBack announced the launch of its Dealer Portal, offering innovative web accessible selling tools to help dealerships increase sales volume and profit with motorcycles, F&I and accessory sales. Some of the largest dealerships around North America have been testing TheWriteBack.com for over a year and now it’s available to all dealers.

Increasing closing ratios by an average of 23% with new motorcycle sales, The WriteBack has increased dealer profit at an average of $263 per unit retailed. These price reports are based on recent real transaction data within specific market areas. Using The WriteBack, dealers can sell motorcycles, F&I products and accessories that are in line with what consumers have been most attracted to. Buyers and salespeople have found that The WriteBack dramatically speeds up the sales process.

When a customer picks the vehicle out, a salesperson is able to print out information that not only shows the purchase information but shows the top selling accessories that should also be purchased at the same time. This function alone brings in thousands of extra dollars for a dealer that may normally miss out on this extra revenue due to online retailers selling the same products.

Offering our menu selling system in the show room and then in the F&I office has made customers more comfortable to spend more money at the same dealership. Even though the 4-square died years ago, some dealers are still relying on it but now with The WriteBack there’s no excuse to be stuck in the 4 square age anymore.

“Dealerships are struggling with the amount of time and money the negotiation process takes today,” said Tommy Ady, The WriteBack Founder. “Often times, motorcycle buyers don’t even know what a good deal is and when to stop negotiating. The WriteBack changes the amount of negotiating a customer does by bridging the information gap and providing price and payment information that allow buyers and salespeople to see exactly what a particular motorcycle in their dealership can be purchased. The WriteBack includes the accessories that should go with it, and gets the buyer to agree on a great price faster.” The F&I managers that we work with never new that selling back-end products could be so easy, or so profitable. I’m confident that our dealers have the highest margins and penetration rates in the country.

The WriteBack has dealers representing over ten manufacturers, along with some of the Top 5 largest dealers in the world.

For more details, please visit TheWriteBack.com

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