PumpUp Introduces Its Health and Fitness Social Network

More Than 1 Million Users Join PumpUp Community in Less Than Six Months

TORONTO, ON--( May 21, 2014) - PumpUp  announced the introduction of the first photo-based health and fitness social network, designed to inspire people and keep them motivated to live and maintain an active lifestyle. After releasing their beta version, the PumpUp app has grown to more than one million users in less than six months.

PumpUp combines photo sharing, community, and fitness coaching to provide a complete health and fitness platform. The PumpUp social platform immerses users into a comfortable and positive community where they can share photos around their health, fitness and wellness.

In addition to PumpUp's social component, users have access to custom workouts, fitness coaching and activity tracking, and can share post-workout selfies, healthy recipes, inspirational photos and more. Scrolling through the newsfeed, users motivate each other through likes, positive comments on other users' posts and following like-minded individuals.

"We've combined health and fitness tools with a positive community that motivates more than 1 million people to improve their daily lives. Each photo shared has real accomplishment behind it, whether it be a selfie after a workout, a delicious (yet nutritious) meal, or a stroll in the park on a sunny day," says Garrett Gottlieb, co-founder of PumpUp. "With PumpUp, people motivate others to join them and accomplish their goals. It's truly contagious, and it's beautiful."

PumpUp also offers the ability to easily keep track of weight, calories burned, reps and time spent exercising. Users can build and store custom exercise plans, track their activity, sports and weight, and receive coaching through their workouts. By tracking activity, users can also monitor calories burned, reps and time spent exercising, in addition to progress over time.

"We've found that providing users with a comfortable community to share photos and selfies around their fitness is an amazing way to maintain an active lifestyle," added Phil Jacobson, co-founder of PumpUp. "We see this first hand with the PumpUp app; users who share photos are 5x more likely to stay on track with their goals. This proves that community is a truly driving influence when it comes to both getting active and staying active."

Join the community and download PumpUp on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Android.

To find out more about PumpUp, visit www.pumpup.co.

About PumpUp:

PumpUp is a mobile software company on a mission to help improve the health, fitness and lives of people across the globe. PumpUp is the first photo-based social network for health and fitness. Harnessing the power of the social networking and selfies trends, PumpUp motivates and inspires people to live and maintain an active lifestyle.

To find out more about PumpUp, visit www.pumpup.co.

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