MODOM surf accessories now available in the U.S.

May 21, 2014 – MODOM, the modern surf accessories brand out of Torquay, Australia, is now available in the US. MODOM’s product range offers a variety of traction pads, including signature pads from the likes of Craig Anderson, Jack Freestone and Alana Blanchard, as well as leashes, board bags, apparel and accessories.

MODOM products can now be found at select surf shops nationwide and online at www.modomsurfusa.com.

Inspired by innovation and modern design, travel, art, music and an obsession for surfing, MODOM takes a fresh approach to creating its products. Its designers are constantly challenging themselves to produce new and unique products using premium materials, superior quality and styling. All of its products are team rider influenced and tested in the most critical conditions.

The MODOM surf team includes: Craig Anderson, Jack Freestone, Kalani David, Alana Blanchard and Mark Mathews.
Progressive, Modern, Fresh, Innovative.?

MODOM is a brand driven by a passion for surfing and modern thinking. Instantly recognizable at your local surf shop by our revolutionary packaging – MODOM’S product designs are all team rider influenced and test in the most critical conditions. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to produce new and unique products using the premium materials and superior quality and styling we have become known for. MODOM surf accessories are now available at finer surf shops nationwide www.modomsurfusa.com

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