RAEN releases new AR 5-layered premium lens

OCEANSIDE, CA – May 20, 2014 - RAEN, the handmade and heartfelt eyewear brand from Southern California, is releasing a collection of their staple sunglass silhouettes featuring premium AR5+ lens technology.

The collection runs in-line with RAEN’s dedication to quality and providing modern classic designs without sacrificing the best in eye protection.

The AR5+ Collection – The application of a “5 Layer Anti-Reflective” (AR5) coating on the inside of a lens eliminates the blur, distortion, and reflection of light waves entering from the back of a lens.

This is often seen as the reflection of one’s own eyes and face on the inside of a lens. The application of this coating in conjunction with our standard polarization means that internal and external reflections are completely eradicated; leaving the clearest image possible.

The plus (+) refers to an added hard exterior coat, which makes these lenses extremely scratch resistant. It also means easy cleaning because these lenses repel skin oils, dust and other debris thanks to a Ripel Oleophobic coat.

The styles being offered include the Squire, Nera, and Dayton among other classics and are handmade with the RAEN standard in attention to detail. The frames in the collection will also feature unique acetate colors only made available with the premium lens option. All of the sunglasses in the AR5+ Collection feature a premium AR5+ lens produced by Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision and ensure the best in quality and comfort.
About RAEN

RAEN is a classics-driven brand, aimed at bringing intrinsic value and authenticity to the eyewear market. Our goal is to provide timeless, tangible, quality items that function within our active lifestyles and those of our consumers. We are designers who are determined to continually bring new and innovative products to the marketplace; created for and inspired by the lives we live.

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