BaliniSports Introducing New Versatile Performance Wear Without Compromising Environmental Integrity through Kickstarter Campaign

BaliniSports revolutionizes sportswear by introducing new versatile designs without compromising environmental integrity. 

BaliniSports launched a Kickstarter campaign in Dec, 2014. The campaign is designed to invite yoga enthusiasts and lovers of fashion to bring premium eco performance apparel to more women all over the world. The brand has created a video that showcases their unique Gemini Collection and their devotion to sticking to their principles.

BaliniSports’s Gemini Collection gives fashion lovers the power to  mix and match colors and styles with confidence. The attachable tank tops allow women the convenience to create before and after workout looks in one simple step. These attachable tank tops give women the unique ability to turn a sports bra into the centerpiece of a stylish outfit. Gemini Tanks tops are super lightweight, 4 way stretch, and breathable. These Gemini tanks are designed to give women the flawless support during morning yoga routine and make you look casually sophisticated during your afternoon social events.

BaliniSports 2015 collection features sports bras, tank tops, capris, shorts and leggings that endure tough workouts and everyday life. Balinisports engineer their fabrics to fight moisture and offer superior support. Knowing that you can move on the yoga mat fearlessly will help you take your workout to the next level. The complete line of clothing is also perfect for busy women looking to feel stylish at home or out on the town. Many runners, fashionistas, dancers and magazine editors of tested and endorsed the new collection.

Balinisports constantly innovating and responding to the needs of modern women.

The brand believes that yoga clothing should do more than simply look beautiful. Authentic yoga clothing should do something beautiful for the planet. They have made a commitment to abstain from using dyes and chemicals that harm the environment during the production.

The company is commitment to using high-quality BlueSign certified materials and production methods that don’t harm the planet.

Ada Hung founded BaliniSports on a mantra of freedom. She believes that every woman should possess the freedom to move without restrictions. Putting on BaliniSports stylish apparel is a step toward living a full life without letting anything hold you back.

“We're a small company with a big vision. Our pieces are manufactured alongside some of the world’s biggest clothing labels in the world’s best factories. We fought to ensure that only materials and fabrics of the highest quality are used for every piece we’ve created since the day BaliniSports was launched. We continue to support protecting the planet and our customers by using eco-friendly production measures. We are proud to say that our loyal fan base includes everyone from housewives to college students to Hollywood celebrities and yoga instructors.” Ada Hung

NOW BaliniSports invite you check out our Kickstarter Video and support their Kickstarter campaign

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