Icarus Sailing Media and Magic Marine continue partnership + Video

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Icarus Sailing Media, one of the world’s leading international sports media company, and renowned sailing apparel manufacturer, Magic Marine, are pleased to announce the continuation of their partnership for a third year.

The two globally reputed companies first collaborated in 2013, with Magic Marine providing their range of sailing apparel to Icarus Sailing Media.

In 2014, Icarus Sailing Media has covered 51 events in 15 nations across every continent of the world. Their portfolio of events has seen Icarus Sailing Media film the entire spectrum of sailing, from Offshore to Olympic sailing, Kiteboarding to Maxi yachts, youth sailing to solar powered racing, super yachts to match racing and much more. Footage from this year’s projects has delivered a global TV broadcast footprint in over 160 countries.

Speaking about the continuation of the partnership Panos Marinopoulos, Head of Marketing for Icarus Sailing Media, said, 'Icarus Sailing Media is right at the forefront of covering the world’s premier sailing and superyacht events, and our media team place heavy demands on their equipment. We have a strong partnership with Magic Marine and the level of their sailing apparel is world class, so we know our team are wearing the best possible kit. We both share the same goals of striving for perfection in our respective fields and a commitment to excellence in execution and are delighted to continue our partnership.'

The ongoing partnership demonstrates their shared belief in each other and the extensive marketing opportunities provided to Magic Marine by their association with Icarus Sailing Media. The Icarus Sailing Media team provides a high visibility endorsement of the Magic Marine brand both on the water and shoreside.

2015 is set to be another significant year for Icarus Sailing Media with additional growth and new opportunities.

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