Roxy and Biotherm unite to launch a line of cosmétotextile

Torah Bright 
Roxy announced the launch of an anti-cold cosmétotextile collection, in collaboration with Biotherm cosmetics brand.

Based on idea that friction from clothing parched and irritated skin, Roxy has decided to launch the clothing line "Enjoy & Care", developed with Biotherm.

This exclusive partnership is based on micro-encapsulation process, already known from slimming tights and leggings.

Integrate into the fabric a plurality of microcapsules containing cosmetic active (here shea butter, apricot oil, an extract of sea fennel and vitamin E). In contact with the skin and with friction, the capsules release their contents and protect the skin continuously.

"Roxy creates products suited to sports women and their fashion needs. We are constantly looking to improve the technical nature of our products to better protect our consumers from the cold, wind, dry air and friction. With this innovation, we increase the skin's protection, "said François Latterrade, responsible for technical Roxy Winter collections.

For now, this first collection includes chokers and jackets, but it should soon be extended to other clothing. It is embodied in the snowboard champion Torah Bright, and will be available from September 2015

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