StepChild Snowboards Announced Good Question as New European Partner

StepChild Snowboards would like to announce our new European partner, Good Question Supplies. Good Question will exclusively represent & distribute StepChild Snowboards in France, Germany, Austria, Finland & Androrra, focusing on building the brand and growing our European market share.
We tracked down StepChild owner Sean Johnson in the interior of BC at his secret powder cabin to get his view on the new partnership “Hi, you have reached Sean, I can’t take your call right now, please leave a message after the beep.”

Needless to say, we are all very excited over here at StepChild to undertake this new adventure with the awesome folks at Good Question. Good Question have built a solid connection with key retailers across mainland Europe and have a proven track record with brands they currently represent. Europe is a massive hub for snowboarding and we are happy to announce that Stepchild Snowboards will be part of Europe’s largest on snow demos Snow Avant Première and Shops 1st Try in January.

We are looking forward to a long future with our new European counterparts and we are very please to have them part of the StepChild family. Also the steady supply of Schitzel’s & Grolsch’s is something we look forward to receiving every month.

Updates to the StepChild European team coming very shortly.

For more information about StepChild Snowboards, please visit www.stepchildsnowboards.com
Follow StepChild Snowboards on Instagram at @stepchildsnowboards
Good Question supplies : +49 6131 2500 977 // eric@goodquestion.de

About StepChild Snowboards

StepChild is a snowboard company, started and owned by Sean Johnson, a self proclaimed ‘washed up’ 90’s pro snowboarder and childhood shred buddy Brad Richmond.
At StepChild we aren’t trying to sell you a cheap piece of wood covered in marketing trickery, flashy graphics and copied technology, we just make quality snowboards that are built to last, be it on the mountain or the street. We are one of the last fully independent Snowboard brand in the industry that has been over run with corporations looking to make a quick buck.
Our mission to help develop great products while supporting professional and amateur riders so that they can continue to progress our sport the way we feel it should be done. We are now celebrating being in business for 15 years and as much of a struggle as it has been at times we stand by our product and our team 110%..frankly, it’s the reason we’re still around.
StepChild is the belief of everyone involved, from our Pros to our up and coming Ams and Child Support riders to our small but fearless office crew, our die-hard owners Sean and Brad and our fantastic factory – GST, Austria, with whom we have a long standing history with. We are not claiming to take back the industry however we are doing our best to keep it rooted.

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