Look Cycles unveiled two new pedals : Kéo Generation...

25 years after revolutionising the world of cycling by inventing the automatic pedal, LOOK launch a new generation of pedal: the Kéo Blade.

The design of this new pedal is based on a carbon leaf spring (blade) that replaces the traditional spring.

The carbon blade has multiple advantages: it guarantees very straightforward clip-in and clip-out, for greater safety and efficiency. It also allows the manufacture of a very light pedal (less than 95g, on of the lightest currently on the market).

In addition the Kéo Blade will have the widest support surface on the market.

In 2009 the Kéo 2 Max also came out, a pedal whose very large, wide support surface is covered with a stainless steel plate for greater life. It is also very light and very high efficiency. Alberto Contador won it its spurs by winning the Tour de France this year with the Kéo 2 Max.

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