Sport Shieldz® Launches Line of Impact-Dissipating Safety Head Gear

Lightweight, comfortable, skull caps worn with or without helmets give parents and athletes peace of mind and greater protection from head trauma that can lead to concussions

AURORA, Colo.-- Sport Shieldz Inc. has announced the launch of a new line of wearable head gear for added comfort and protection against impacts from sports and other activities. The announcement was made at the 2015 SIA Snow Show in Denver. Sport Shieldz® Protective Head Gear is an impact-dissipating, foam-padded skull cap that, when worn alone or with other properly fitted sports helmets, can provide a greater degree of protection from head trauma. 

“While no head gear can claim to prevent concussions, what Sport Shieldz can do is provide peace of mind by delivering an added measure of protection,” said Sport Shieldz CEO, inventor and founder Bill Jennings.

Independent lab tests have proven that Sport Shieldz padded skull caps can decrease the amount of G-Force that will reach the head. While Sport Shieldz cannot guarantee avoidance of head injuries, any percentage of decrease in impact could be beneficial.

“I have personally reviewed Sports Shieldz products and have watched live demonstrations of how it effectively dissipates energy,” said Peter Thompson, Ph.D., Douglas County School District Traumatic Brain Injury Team Coordinator. “I am impressed with Sport Shieldz and its potential to reduce the negative impact of head injuries we commonly see in the pediatric population.”
When choosing to wear a Sport Shieldz product with any helmet, the company recommends that individuals contact the helmet manufacturer to make certain Sport Shieldz will not alter the protective characteristics of that particular helmet.

“Helmet manufactures have made tremendous strides in product design and safety as our society shifts from a reactive approach to a proactive approach to reducing the number and severity of head related injuries,” noted Jennings. “We’re on the same team as manufacturers, proactively working toward the goal of providing extra protection and extra safety before serious injuries happen.”
The issue of head injuries and concussions has gained increasing attention following recent concussion lawsuits against the NFL and the FIFA world soccer association. However, Sport Shieldz skull caps can be used with numerous sporting and outdoor activities, including: lacrosse, hockey, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, skiing, cycling, motocross, rodeo, equestrian events and more.
“Sport Shieldz head gear may also be helpful for the special needs population, those with seizure disorders, autism and other conditions involving head trauma,” said Jennings

Sport Shieldz skull caps employ a unique, patented, energy-dissipating foam padding that is lightweight, comfortable and fashionable. The protective head gear is also moisture wicking, washable and antimicrobial. Sport Shieldz skull caps do not void National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOSCAE) certification, because skull caps are specifically not the kind of product that would create a “new model” of helmet, according to current NOSCAE guidelines.
For more information or to order Sport Shieldz Protective Head Gear, visit us at Snow Show booth No. 671 January 29 – February 1, visit www.sportshieldz.com or call 866-211-0043.

About Sport Shieldz
Founded in early 2012 by Bill Jennings, Sport Shieldz is committed to safety, and the research and product development of cutting-edge, comfortable head gear. Our line of protective skull caps are produced with state-of-the-art, impact-dissipating antimicrobial foam. These caps can be worn with or without helmets and are suitable for most types of sports and helmet-wearing activities. The team at Sport Shieldz also believes in educating athletes and parents of active children in the principals of head safety. We encourage the importance of wearing proper helmets and safety gear and practicing proper activity techniques. For more information or to order our products, visit www.sportshieldz.com, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sportshieldz or call 866-211-0043.
The views expressed by Dr. Peter Thompson reflect his professional opinion; he has not been compensated by – nor does he have any financial interest in – Sport Shieldz.

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