Sphericam 2 Makes Virtual Reality a Reality with Tennis Ball-Sized, 4K Video Camera with Global Shutter and 60fps

PRAGUE, June 8, 2015 -- Sphericam 2, the first 360 degree video camera made specifically for virtual reality film production, will launch a Kickstarter campaign on June 15th with a $150k funding goal. As huge companies like Oculus Rift and Samsung work furiously to create the best virtual reality viewing platform, Sphericam has been created to fill a growing market void of actually creating that virtual reality content.

"Most VR creation attempts so far have been, well, less real and more virtual," Sphericam 2 creator, Jeffrey Martin, said. "Think blind spots, uneven stitching, and unsynchronized sensors. And let's not even get started on cumbersome, home-made solutions that fail to mimic the spherical world, like multiple GoPro rigs."

Though it is no bigger than a tennis ball, Sphericam 2 contains six cameras that work seamlessly together to capture the surrounding world in stunning 4K resolution. The high-resolution lenses maintain constant exposure and provide unmatched shooting flexibility with frame rates up to 60 frames per second. With more than one gigabit per second of raw capture, Sphericam 2 gives incredibile latitude for post production and color grading, and the tiny distance between sensors minimizes parallax. Sphericam 2 will also be able to stitch the footage in real time to minimize and simplify post-production editing processes.

Sphericam's crystalline shape has been sculpted from anodised aluminum, giving the device the ruggedness needed for any adventure. It also comes with a host of mounting options, giving the user a multitude of ways to hold the camera and capture footage. Sphericam 2 also includes WiFi and wireless streaming, allowing users to view and share content on a smartphone or desktop in a breeze. Sphericam 2's iOS and Android app also allows users to monitor recording, transfer, view, edit and spread the virtual reality footage instantly.

Sphericam 2 is perfect for recording stunning footage of adventure sports, events like weddings or birthdays, journalism stories and more. It will be available for purchase via Kickstarter beginning on June 15th. Sphericam 2 can be purchased from $1000 on Kickstarter, which is $200 off of the final retail price.

To learn more about Sphericam 2 before the campaign goes live, visit http://bit.ly/SphericamLP.


Sphericam 2 is the second camera project from Chicago-born Jeffrey Martin. After taking everything learned from making Sphericam 1, Martin has spent the past few years iterating on the camera until he came up with what is now Sphericam 2.

To learn more, visit http://www.sphericam.com/.

Media Contact: Erin Kenny, Sphericam, (336) 671-7711, erin@sphericam.com

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