Business news :Uvex benefits from its individual work-life balance employment system

Uvex, the German brand of eyewear, helmets and safety products, has recorded positive results from its flexible worktime programs which the company began to introduce ten years ago.

Since then, Uvex has developed no less than about 150 different types of alternative work schedules that it is offering to its employees in order to synchronize their daily professional and private duties in the best way possible. Among the offers are job sharing, sabbaticals, flexible office hours, part-time employment and home-based work opportunities.

The plan behind these programs is not to encourage employees to work less, but to increase team spirit, the employees’ motivation and their identification with the company. Uvex says that this has been as an essential factor in creating longterm bonds with highly qualified staff, notably young mothers.

Currently, some 400 employees are taking advantage of the individual offers to improve work-life balance.


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