New product project : Audi E-bike, The bike of the future is technology and green !

Need (too) pedaling to protect the environment with the bike Audi e-bike. This little gem of technology combines comfort and performance to deliver a whole new cycling experience: connected as some of the cars that make us dream today!

 A masterpiece of embedded electronic assistance 

Originality of the e-bike: its solid structure but lightweight (1.6 kg) carbon fiber engine clean and contains a powerful 2.3 kW which is recharged by pedaling only 2:30. And if the machine can easily reach 80km / h, it is his support system board electronic which makes the bike more sophisticated in the world.Touch screen to control the five driving modes available is chassis-mounted bike. It also provides information on speed, distance and quality of the land. That should convince the most experienced cyclists.The device also embeds a function gyroscope, ie it is possible to control the balance and speed of the bike with the movement of his body. Simply lean forward to accelerate and backward to slow down. Height of high tech, it is possible, thanks to its wireless function, control all these settings from their smartphone. 

For when that prototype in trade? 

For the moment, the Audi e-bike is a prototype, so testing phase. Its many options rather intending it to a sport and acrobatic, which requires the control of specific parameters. The great interest of cycling lies in the possibility of complex figures, assisted by the onboard computer. No price has yet been announced.German car brand Audi is committed to environmental protection since the late 1990s. The development of this bike on the sidelines of the production of hybrid cars (as well as the implementation of environmentally friendly plants and reprocessing of waste), part of this policy that is "green".Still, for the public, especially when he feels himself both "geek" and "green" in the image of this machine, the only question: when the commercial launch of the e-bike, that we can all try it!

( French source Orange, by Jacqmart Pia )

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