New products and environment news : PLUS Compound Technologies® Partners with Sazzi® Footwear to Launch High Performance Eco-Friendly Product Line

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (October 10, 2012) – PLUS Compound Technologies®, LLC (“PLUS®”), the inventor of PLUSfoam®, a 100% recyclable material built for performance and comfort, announced an agreement with Sazzi® Footwear, LLC (“Sazzi®”) to produce a collection of unique, patent-pending sandals for a variety of outdoor activities. With its highly functional footbed and upper, the Sazzi® Digit is the most technically advanced sport sandal on the market today. With its unique footbed, the Sazzi® Decimal performance sandal utilizes ten individually articulating toe platforms allowing the foot to move more naturally for better traction on uneven terrain. Both the Digit and Decimal will be available at select retailers throughout the United States this fall.

“We are excited that PLUSfoam® is part of the Sazzi® brand launch,” said Mike Carr, Associate General Manager of PLUS Compound Technologies®. “PLUSfoam® is a perfect complement to the revolutionary Sazzi® product offering and its compelling story. With an aggressive, non-marking outsole, minimalist design and individual toe articulation, these sandals are excellent examples of how PLUSfoam® can be used in the most advanced manufacturing processes.”

Through the use of PLUSfoam®, Sazzi® is virtually eliminating the post-manufacturing waste that is typically associated with footwear production. “By using PLUSfoam® we are projecting to reduce approximately 3,400 pounds of scrap from landfills and incinerators, during the first year of the Sazzi® production,” said Carr. “Brands like Sazzi®, that choose PLUSfoam®, are truly making a positive impact on the environment.”

Also known as “Toe Motion™ Footwear”, Sazzi® performance sandals offer superior lateral stability with a patent-pending four toe-post system and better traction through separated toe platforms. “We wanted to manufacture a quality, sustainable product. Establishing a connection with PLUSfoam® was essential. We could not be happier with the product that we have created with PLUSfoam® technology,” says Brian Walton, General Manager at Sazzi®, “the performance benefits of PLUSfoam®, namely the non-microbial feature, along with non-marking outsoles and superior traction on wet or dry surfaces, has given us a phenomenal product.”

Like all products manufactured with PLUSfoam®, Sazzi® sandals can be recycled at one of the PLUS Compound Technologies® reclaim facilities that are currently located in the US and Asia. Consumers can take advantage of this service by logging onto www.PLUSfoam.com/recycle. “Sazzi® sandals are extremely durable and I don’t expect we’ll see any sent back for some time,” said Carr, “with that said, if recycled PLUSfoam® products could talk, I’m sure the Sazzi® Digit and Decimal would have some of the most interesting stories to tell. I personally cannot wait to get a pair”.

About Sazzi® Footwear, LLC.
Mark Thatcher, founder to Teva®, returns to the industry with the introduction of Sazzi® Footwear – a brand that represents his long standing vision to create the ultimate performance footwear collection for those who live an active, healthy, fitness-based lifestyle. The name Sazzi® is derived from the Native American word “Anasazi”, which describes the ancient Pueblo peoples of the American Southwest, who made durable sandals with multiple toe posts. Sazzi® Toe Motion™ footwear offers incredible support and superior lateral stability with a patent-pending four toe-post system. Sazzi® sandals are made with 100% recyclable PLUSfoam® and can be recycled at a PLUSfoam® reclaim facility near you. For more information about Sazzi®, please visit www.Sazzi.com.

About PLUS Compound Technologies®, LLC.
PLUS Compound Technologies® is committed to “saving the planet... one product at a time”™. Using its proprietary, 100% RECYCLABLE compound, PLUS Compound Technologies® makes products for manufacturers of branded consumer goods. PLUSfoam® often outperforms the materials it is intended to replace such as traditional foams, rubber and plastics. PLUS Compound Technologies® operates reclaim facilities in the US and Asia where consumers can return any products made with PLUSfoam® components. For more information about PLUSfoam®, please visit www.PLUSfoam.com.

PLUS Compound Technologies® Media Contact
Jake Barret (619) 985 – 9157 / JB@PLUSfoam.com
Images available upon request
TEVA® is a Registered Trademark of Deckers Outdoor Corporation and is no way affiliated with Sazzi® Footwear, LLC

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