New product :Atomic Introduces Limited Pre-Launch of New Ski

Jossi Wells approached atomic with an idea: bring together a group of skiers with different styles, different perspectives on skiing and show them creating something new. This initial idea blossomed into something bigger, something that transcended the typical discussion about progression and brought skiing back to its roots. From this conversation the Infamous was born.

“There is a lot of division in the ski world, especially among park skiers. What I wanted to do with this project is show the basic values that all skiers can relate to. These are the reasons we fall in love with skiing. For us the infamous is about sessioning with a crew and pushing yourself and your friends to do something new. This means having fun on skis and expressing your own style.” – Jossi Wells

Atomic ran with that idea and worked closely with Jossi to build a ski in his vision, something accessible, inspiring confidence, with the required soft flex and rocker to get creative in the park. Taking this inspiration into the graphics, Jossi worked closely with a designer to set the mood for the ski graphics and the project. From the spring of 2012 Jossi has been shredding on the Infamous, the ski inspired by his skiing.

Available as an exclusive early launch at select freeski retailers beginning in February, the Infamous will be initially available in 171 and 176 lengths. Featuring Park Rocker, Stomp Sidecut, Step Down Sidewall and a durable Woodcore construction, it is primed to destroy parks and urban features with ease.
The Infamous Squad

After 12 years of working with Atomic, Jossi Wells is still hungry. Competitions, film shoots, crowd surfing, press conferences, nothing is new. Yet he still finds that spark and love for skiing. With veteran perspective, Jossi came to the 2012 Austrian Freeski Open looking for the source of that original spark. He wanted to shred with skiers that had a similar approach to park skiing yet represented different styles and perspectives. There Jossi met up with Nicky Keefer, Frej Jönsson and Lucas Stål-Madison and formed the Infamous Squad.

( Press release through skiingbusiness.com )

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