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Jon Gilson CEO Again Faster
Strength and conditioning leader Again Faster extends global reach bringing CrossFit™ equipment to enthusiasts’ doors with new distributors 

Again Faster (http://www.againfaster.com), a leader in strength and conditioning equipment in the United States, is bringing products directly to CrossFit™ and fitness enthusiasts around the world.
Founded in 2006, Again Faster is committed to helping facilitate the growth of CrossFit™ and functional fitness to anyone with the desire to get healthy. It has recently added six new international distributors covering Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Jon Gilson, Founder and CEO of Again Faster explains the reasons behind the expansion, "We take health, strength and fitness seriously and we're committed to helping people get the right gear to go on that journey. Our purpose-built strength and conditioning equipment was previously available only by ordering from the United States, which meant long delivery times and high courier costs. We're excited to make it easier and more affordable for gyms and individuals to access the equipment they need."

Again Faster's full range of products are available in each new market, including CrossFit™ specific gear, personal accessories like wrist wraps and grips, jump ropes, kettlebells, rowers, barbells, bumper plates, Olympic weightlifting shoes, pull-up rigs, and its popular pre-made packages.

Again Faster’s experienced staff, composed entirely of trainers, coaches and competitive athletes, is available to help create custom equipment packages for home or gym use. Local customer service teams are on hand in each of the six new markets to answer any questions, offer advice and provide guidance.

----Notes to editors----
CrossFit™ is a registered trademark of CrossFit Inc, and is not associated with Again Faster.
Local country sites:
Australia http://au.againfaster.com
Canada http://ca.againfaster.com
United Kingdom http://uk.againfaster.com
For more information and images visit the Elemental media centre at http://www.elementalcomms.co.uk/media.
The media spokespeople for Again Faster is Jon Gilson, founder and CEO and Richard Prenderville, CMO. Photographs are available of the Again Faster team.

About Again Faster
Again Faster is strength and conditioning company with strong roots in CrossFit™. The company provides equipment to thousands of fitness enthusiasts, hardcore athletes and CrossFit™ affiliates worldwide, along with training information and media to further the CrossFit™ revolution.
Again faster provides honest and forthright equipment recommendations, an unyielding commitment to its customers' happiness, and endless devotion to creating equipment solutions.
The company has local distribution teams in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Again Faster
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Mobile: +1 617 462 1579

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