Business people :Smack Sportswear Appoints New CFO

Smack Sportswear has hired the former CFO of True Religion Apparel (TRLG) as the company’s new CFO.

Bill Sigler, President and CEO of Smack Sportswear, stated, “We have found the person we were looking for … Charles A. Lesser, former CFO of True Religion Apparel. After reviewing a number of candidates, and carefully examining their records, it was True Religion Apparel’s success while Charles Lesser was CFO that caught my attention. He was CFO when the company first traded on the OTC-BB with roughly the same revenues we have presently. During his tenure as CFO at True Religion, their sales skyrocketed to $160 million in 2007 (when he left the company). I believe that the Smack Sportswear brand has more world-wide appeal today than True Religion had in 2003, and that we can achieve similar success with Charles as our CFO.”

Prior to True Religion, Lesser was an officer at various private and public companies including Weider Sporting Goods. During his three year tenure as Weider’s CFO, the company’s revenues grew 300 percent and experienced 5x profit growth.

Smack Sportswear, based in Torrance, CA, is a supplier of custom designed team and beach active apparel, with its primary focus on volleyball.

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