Sport Chalet And Reebok Join Forces To Send One CrossFit Enthusiast On The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Premier specialty sporting goods retailer teams up with Reebok to host national sweepstake

LOS ANGELES, Sept., 2014 -- Premier specialty sporting goods retailer Sport Chalet has partnered with Reebok to give one lucky winner a first class fitness experience as part of its Adventures of a Lifetime sweepstakes. This adventure will take the winner from coast to coast, starting with a trip to the Reebok CrossFit One Box in Boston for exclusive training sessions, the latest Reebok training gear and nutritional advice for peak performance. The prizes continue at home with a six-month paid membership to a local CrossFit Box before the winner heads to California for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games.

"Every CrossFit enthusiast's experience and goals are different, ranging from busting out burpees at their local Box to competing in the CrossFit Open," said Sport Chalet Expert Paul Smedley. "At Sport Chalet, we have the gear and the knowledge athletes need to accomplish their athletic goals and have an unparalleled CrossFit experience."

Smedley recommends the following tips to get CrossFitters of any level ready to crush their workout of the day.

Discover the benefits of compression. Compression tops provide muscle support and aid in posture for many of the intricate movements required during a workout of the day, which is important for preventing injuries. As a bonus, they can reduce swelling that often leads to soreness.
Try tall socks to protect shins. Tall socks and calf guards provide extra padding that protects the shins during different CrossFit-related movements, from deadlifts to box jumps to rope climbs, allowing athletes to give it their all.

Dress to stay dry. Moisture-wicking materials that absorb sweat keep things cool and comfortable no matter how intense the Box gets. Avoid cotton and look for apparel made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon.

Wear the right shoes. Wearing the right shoes provides stability that will amplify results, especially when weightlifting. Try the Reebok Men's CrossFit Lifter Plus Trainer Shoe, which provides traction, stability and flexibility through its multi-surface outsole and forefoot flex grooves.

Sport Chalet's Adventures of a Lifetime sweepstakes are live now through Nov. 9 and were developed to encourage athletes to pursue the sports they love in a thrilling way while being outfitted with the best gear and training made available by some of the world's top brands and athletes. In addition to the Reebok adventure, the campaign also includes adventures for runners, hikers, scuba divers, cyclists and snowboarders. Athletes can enter the sweepstakes in-store, online at www.sportchalet.com/adventures or by mail. Action Pass members will be automatically entered with qualifying purchases.

To explore more Reebok gear or to find a nearby Sport Chalet location, visit www.sportchalet.com. To learn more about the Reebok sweepstake, visit the Adventures of a Lifetime website, and for media inquiries, contact sportchalet@formulapr.com.

About Sport Chalet

Sport Chalet is a premier, full service specialty sporting goods retailer featuring the industry's top sports brands in apparel, footwear, and sports equipment. Founded in 1959 by Norbert Olberz, the company has 50 stores in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah; an online store at www.sportchalet.com; a Team Sales division; and offers more than 50 specialty services for the sports enthusiast, including online same day delivery, climbing, backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, avalanche education, and mountain trekking instruction, car rack installation, snowboard and ski rental and repair, Scuba training and certification, Scuba boat charters, team sales, gait analysis, baseball/softball glove steaming and lacing, racquet stringing, and bicycle tune-up and repair at its store locations. For more information, visit Sport Chalet at www.sportchalet.com.

SOURCE Sport Chalet by press release

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