Swing Caddie SC100 Provides Uncertain Golfers With a Distance Reality Check

Voice Caddie's Swing Caddie SC100 provides golfers with professional distance and consistency pointers at a price every player can enjoy.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28, 2014 -- Leading independent review sites and golfers worldwide are raving about Voice Caddie's SC100 which offers everyday golfers elite technology at an affordable price.

The Swing Caddie SC100 is a handheld Doppler Radar-based portable golf launch monitor that gives golfers an instant five-stroke advantage. The SC100 easily allows the user to test and challenge his or her consistency and accuracy while measuring shot distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor. Operating in three pre-set modes, the SC100 generates visual feedback for users while tracking personal statistics for the last 100 shots taken - a system Voice Caddie has coined "Practice with a Purpose."

The SC100's unique and innovative three-mode technology is designed to improve the user's overall game. Practice Mode provides golfers with personal shot distance, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, time played, and total shot count. Target Mode enables golfers to set distances and test consistency. Finally, Random Mode sets random target distances to challenge the golfer's accuracy. In addition to the three-mode technology, the SC100 comes with a small, light-weight remote control, allowing golfers to adjust settings from a distance. The device is also capable of measuring distance both indoors and outdoors.

"The SC100 is an incredible practice tool that any player who takes his or her game seriously — regardless of ability level — should have as a companion at the range," says TJ Auclair, Senior Interactive Producer at PGA.com.

The Swing Caddie SC100 is recommended for golfers who want to improve distance and accuracy while still getting the best value and price possible. Available in black, white and green, Swing Caddie SC100 retails regularly for $269.00 and can be purchased online at www.voicecaddie.com.


Established in 2005, Voice Caddie offers golf technology for the modern golfer, offering futuristic form, sleek simplicity and innovation. The company introduced the world's first voice-guided golf GPS rangefinder in 2010. Through its simplicity and verified accuracy, Voice Caddie is dedicated to providing golfers with heightened confidence and an improved golf experience.

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