The shipyard Neel trimarans set up its factory in La Rochelle ( France )

This development and finishing yachts plant will be located in the heart of La Rochelle, close to the Old harbour.

The shipyard Neel trimarans has signed the sale of its tenth Neel 45 and the first of its flagship, Neel 65, and announced the establishment of its manufacturing plant in La Rochelle.

This industrial site dedicated to the assembly and finish of its boats, will be located on technological nautical area from La Rochelle, close to the old harbour, which already held thirty companies in the marine sector, as building sailboats, riggers or chandlers.

This plant is the first one for Neel, which until now subcontracted finishing of his trimarans to Hervé Shipyard, the composite is always placed at Naval Force 3 and at Techni Yacht Pinta. In addition to the development and finishing workshop, the site will have a showroom of materials, administrative and sales offices.

The establishment of this factory on La Rochelle, comes just months after the inauguration of the new Latitude 46 factory in the industrial area of the airport, and plans to expand the site by Nautitech Bavaria in Rochefort and confirms the dynamism of the sailing industry in Charente Maritime.

Source Neel

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