Atomic Memory Fit technology takes ski boots to a new level

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Over 1,000 sports equipment retailers around the world have made their customers very happy this winter with the Atomic Memory Fit ski boot customization process. The new heat-fitting technology allows the shell, cuff and liner of the boot to form exactly to the skier’s foot, ankle and leg structure. The result: a perfect fit.

Fit, comfort and performance

Memory Fit offers unbeatable benefits for consumers and retailers.
”Consumers get the best fit, highest level of comfort and best performance in a very simple way”, says Matthew Manser, Product Manager of Atomic alpine boots.
“Retailers love Memory Fit because it is much faster than traditional fitting methods. It allows them to service their customers better and gives them a chance to retain the customer, which is always important.”

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Convenient fitting process

For the customer, Memory Fit provides a fast and simple three-step process.

First, the boot shell is heated in a Memory Fit oven for five minutes. After that the consumer puts on the heated boot on and stands motionless for two minutes allowing the boot memorize the shape of the foot. And, finally, the boot is let to cool down for five minutes. 
After the process has been completed, the consumer has a pair of fully tailored ski boots. The whole procedure takes just 12 minutes.

Toolbox for retailers

Atomic offers retailers a complete toolbox for boot fitting: Memory Fit ovens, freezers, cooling pads, cooling mats, gloves, manuals and training.
Special Memory Fit Pads are also included – pads to be placed on the skier’s bare feet to help create more room around sensitive areas or problem spots in the foot during the fitting process.

When heated, Memory Fit Plastic expands only if necessary – it will take the shape of the foot, but not going wider than needed.
With the foot’s natural standing pressure, the forefoot of the boot can expand up to three millimeters per side and the ankle area up to five millimeters per side.
One of the keys to this is Memolink, a special additive that improves the moldability and stretch characteristics of the plastic and guarantees component adhesion.

Good feedback around the world

Atomic has sold over 1,000 Memory Fit stations in 2014/15.
“Since fall, I have personally visited retailers in Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria and spoken with retailers in other countries. The feedback is resoundingly positive. The dealers love showcasing their skills and delivering the highest levels of customer service. It has helped Atomic stay at the top of their favorite boots list.”

Perfect fit regardless of boot model or foot shape

In 2014–15 Atomic's Memory Fit line featured Redster World Cup, Redster Pro and Hawx 2.0 models with super narrow, narrow and medium fit options.
“For 2015–16 we will have two new models, both with Memory Fit. We will also extend Memory Fit into the wide fit area with Hawx Magna. No matter what your foot shape is, there is a four buckle alpine boot with Memory Fit for you. Memory Fit will be also available in the Backland touring boots.”   

Manser is convinced that the demand for individual fitting will continue to grow.
“For the skier, the boot is arguably the most important part of the equipment. However, there is a belief among skiers that if you have a boot that fits well, you should never get rid of it because it is so hard to find the right fit. That is why people still ski in their old boots. When more people become aware of the benefits of ski boot customization, we can get skiers out of their old boots into new boots. And these boots will fit and function hundred times better than they have ever even dreamed.”


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