Carve the Slopes Better and Have More Fun with Ohski!

Denver, CO (January 17, 2015) -- Ohski is a new device for skiing and snowboarding. A base is attached to a ski or snowboard. On top of the base is a spring shock system topped with a footpad and binding. The rider is no longer directly on the ski or snowboard, but is lifted off with Ohski.

Ohski creates many advantages for the downhill slope. First, it allows for more speed and control. The rider has the ability to tilt the board or skis more resulting in greater grip, less resistance removing slide and skidding. The greater tilt also allows for more flex in the board or skis which tightens up the turns. When the rider tightens up the turns there is greater speed and control.
Second, Ohski is easier on the body. 

The springs on Ohski absorb the shocks of the bumps. The height of the rider on the ski gives the rider more leverage which reduces the twisting on your knees and ankles. Also, because your feet are further from the snow, your feet stay warmer.

Another advantage Ohski has is it uses bindings that no longer require uncomfortable ski boots. Instead soft snowboard boots or sturdy waterproof boots will work! Ridged ski boots also reduce flexing in the ankles. More flex in the ankles from softer boots gives the rider more leverage resulting in tighter turns

Lastly, Ohski also adds more fun to skiing and snowboarding! It feels like you are skiing or snowboarding on powder even when you are on hard packed snow!

Initially designed for beginners, Ohski developed from its original tri ski version to the current version that fits on all skis and snowboards. During testing it was discovered that Ohski allowed the skier to gain more speed and control. It was decided to release a version for intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders before the three ski version. The beginner version is planned for the 2017/2018 season.

Ohski is fast! The new technology allows skiers and snowboarders to go faster than ever before. Ohski is fun! Being less tired and being able to ski or snowboard longer is definitely more fun. Ohski is adventurous! This revolutionary new product brings something new to the hill. We can't wait to see what people can do with Ohski!

Ohski LLC is a newly formed company specifically for snow sports equipment. Ohski, LLC is owned and operated by Adam and Vanessa Spencer. Adam is a design engineer with 35 plus years in the aircraft industry. Vanessa worked as a special education teacher, then moved into the aircraft industry as a manufacturing engineer and later a quality engineer.

Also on the Ohski team are Scott Van Vugt, Michael Varni and Leslie DeSimone. Scott has worked in the sporting goods industry and is currently in the financial industry. Michael has owned a very successful business and is also currently in the financial industry. Leslie has worked in data analysis and is currently in the sporting goods industry.

OHSKI LLC /35A Smithfield Blvd, #267/Plattsburgh, NY 12901/Phone 450-314-1910 /www.ohski.com
Contact: Vanessa Spencer /619-847-8240 or 450-314-1910/vanessa.spencer@ohski.com  /www.ohski.com

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