Duckworth Develops Chemical-Free Shrink Resistant Wool

Duckworth Develops Chemical-Free Shrink Resistant Wool

Environmentally friendly process a breakthrough for the wool industry.

Bozeman, Mont. — Duckworth, the source-verified wool apparel company that grows, spins, knits, and sews its garments 100 percent in the USA, proudly introduces chemical-free shrink resistant wool in select styles to its 2015 collection. This new patent-pending textile breakthrough developed by Duckworth is part of the brand’s commitment to wool innovation and the environment.

Each year, millions of pounds of raw wool are treated with chlorine to prevent the end fabric from shrinking. The chlorine smooths out the small barbed scales that are found on wool fibers. This treatment makes wool fabric machine washable, preventing the wool fibers from interlocking, felting, and shrinking. While this is an effective method, Duckworth is committed to innovation and advancing the science of wool technology.

Duckworth has been on a quest to find an alternative way to shrink resist wool with no impact to the environment. Duckworth’s patent-pending, chemical-free, shrink-resist method uses a new technology developed by Duckworth to make wool machine washable, all while retaining its natural properties.

“Over the past 30 years, in the face of the large-scale introduction of synthetic fabrics to the market place, wool has maintained a prominence in quality apparel,” Duckworth’s Head of Development Graham Stewart said. “Duckworth’s chemical-free shrink resist wool will further assist wool’s position as a leader in quality apparel, all while protecting the environment.”

Retailers and distributors are invited to view the entire Duckworth collection at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, inside the Venture Out area, at booth #VO31.

About Duckworth

Duckworth products are inspired by the roots of outdoor life. Duckworth’s premium wool garments are designed to weather the rigors of daily use in the mountains, basins, and waters of North America. Quality, durability, and comfort are paramount, assured by the pedigree of our Helle Rambouillet wool fibers and yarns, which we actively manage at every stage of handling. Duckworth-designed products reflect their users’ time-tested approach to work and life: Acta Non Verba - earn respect by your actions, not only your words. Duckworth is a source-verified apparel brand with ownership of the raw material. Provenance is a point of pride.

Duckworth – Grown, Spun, Knit, Sewn 100 percent in the USA.

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