Sportswear giant Puma slapped with lawsuit

Childrenswear manufacturer Parigi Group is suing Puma for breach of contract after a decade-long relationship.

Those tiny Puma tracksuits for kids sold in stores like Macy's and Nordstrom may be cute, but they're at the root of a big legal dispute. Parigi Group Ltd., the West 34th Street-based childrenswear company that has licensed Puma's wares for a decade, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Puma North America Inc., alleging breach of contract and defamation. The lawsuit also names as a defendant United Legwear & Apparel Co.—the company that reportedly recently signed a deal with Puma to manufacture the brand's kidswear going forward.

In November, Parigi, which has been in business for three decades, was told its license would not be renewed, according to Barry Slotnick, the Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney attorney representing the apparel maker.

The lawsuit claims that "Puma intentionally and fraudulently made repeated misrepresentations to Parigi that Puma intended to renew the parties' more than 10-year-long license agreement." It also alleges that Puma disclosed trade secrets and proprietary business information to United Legwear & Apparel Co. and tried to ...... Continue reading....

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Original document from Southern district of New York ( 46 Pages )

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