Business news : IDB Marine, a craft and innovative shipyard in Trégunc ( France )

IDB Marine was established in 2005 by Denis Bourbigot keeps going. In his declining range of light boats, efficient and échouables (/ Malango / and / OPENGO /) pursuing, in parallel, its innovative search techniques. Objective: To improve the working conditions of employees working in particular on the resin, and find tips for saving time and quality.

Research that has received a regional grant of € 12,500 as part of its support to innovative projects. "In 2009, we set up the injection Eco says Denis Bourbigot. One method that has the advantage of out inside and outside deck with a perfect finish. With less hardship for employees who do not have to sand and coat. "

An advanced technique used only in large projects. "We were the first small yard Britain to use this technique because it is expensive to set up and requires two full molds which take up much space," Denis Bourbigot advance. 10 full-time employees

Suddenly, the construction team has addressed the issue. How to improve the process and save space? "I said we did not need perfect finishes on the entire length of the bridge, says the site manager. We then chose to keep this technique for the interior portion. And use the infusion technique for the less visible parts. "Developed by the yard, this new method that combines both techniques, now allows the use of smaller molds bridge. And saves up time and labor.

This constant questioning of manufacturing processes and equipment is one of the reasons for the success of this small business comes up. With ten employees in permanent full-time, a turnover of € 900,000 last year, up from the creation of the site, commands that run until March 2014, seven ships delivered in 2012, ten planned for 2013, "the site goes" according to Denis Bourbigot. Although the crisis, the situation is "tighter" and offers "less visibility."

Side project, after the release of Malango 10.45, a change of 9.99 with a skirt, the site will launch in the construction of a 13 m. Always with the same philosophy of navigation. A large cockpit, a living space outside, fast hull, an annex to the rear. A concept that is well positioned today the signing of the project.

Sailboat Fishing

Also in the pipeline, a project fishing boat sailing, even in a sketch, due to time ... "Before, the fishing boats were sailing and then is put a motor, said Denis Bourbigot. Today, we would do the opposite and put sails on a fishing boat to the base was designed to work with a motor. For me, the issue is taken backwards. It should be from a real boat and equip it with an engine that would be considered auxiliary ... "

Source Original French Language by Catherine GENTRIC / Ouest france

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