Business people : Anthony Cazottes named Electric’s managing director of Europe, Arab Emirates and Africa

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – Electric announced today that Anthony Cazottes, currently Electric’s EMEA Director of Sales, has been named Managing Director, EMEA.

“Anthony’s experience in sales, proven market savvy and approach to growth is a great fit for what Electric needs in the lead role of our subsidiaries. Anthony’s new role will prove critical in our mission to expand in to new product categories and restructure the business in Europe. He’s a great addition to our global management team.” – Eric Crane, CEO

“I feel privileged and honored to be able to write another chapter in the life of the Electric brand, here in Europe. The company is going through some exciting changes and despite a challenging few months ahead of us we have a world of opportunities to explore. The foundations of our brand are strong and the product is state of the art, all great assets upon which we will be capitalizing for the future.” – Anthony Cazottes

Anthony began his career in the action sports industry at Quiksilver Europe, where he spent six years charting new territory and expanding the brand. In 2004, when Quiksilver bought DC Shoes, Anthony was recruited to manage sales, and pioneered the Corner concept in the core skate business. Starting in 2008, Anthony spent 4.5 years rebuilding the sales team at Nixon Europe. Anthony was most recently Director of Sales for Oxbow, the iconic French surf brand, where he was responsible for the restructuring of the brand’s sales strategy.

Electric is a global, premium, sport and lifestyle accessory brand rooted in Southern California’s rich action sports, music, art and customization culture. Electric’s unrelenting approach to the elevation of style, quality and function in its products has earned the brand a renowned position. Today, Electric designs and markets an extensive line of eyewear, watches, snow goggles, snow helmets, backpacks, luggage and accessories through a primarily action sport and sporting good global retail network including the Americas, Europe, Japan, China and Australia. Since 2011, Electric has been a part of the Kering group, a world leader in apparel and accessories which develops an ensemble of powerful Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle brands.

For more information go to: www.electricvisual.com

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