Trade Show : SAM ( Grenoble, France ) , renamed and internationalized

For its 40th anniversary, the SAM unveils its new identity, now international. 

The world's largest tradeshow dedicated to the development in the mountains, Sam, change its name to "Mountain Planet". Organizer of the event since its inception - a new essential to clearly ask the international expansion strongly desired by the Steering Committee of SAM and resolutely initiated by Alpexpo identity - 

Grenoble, June 6, 2013 - 
Created in 1974 in Grenoble, the Fair Development in Mountain - become over the time, the largest showcase of supply of equipment and mountain terrain - will celebrate its forty years in his edition 2014 to be held from 23 to 25 April. Alpexpo - organizer and promoter of the leading trade fair - has chosen this opportunity to make it understandable by all identity internationally. 

SAM is now called "Planet Mountain"

This evocative name, launched today, is a further step towards the bright and strong internationalization due to the biennial meeting of the organization in the mountains. For if the Alps remain a dominant market regarding the snow and mountains, new destinations, especially the countries of East and South Korea, Asia as a whole, develop and equip; of alternative modes of transport such as transport cable, developed originally for the Highlanders, are deployed around the world. 

Alpexpo leverages communication channels
Convinced that these players will do their shopping in Grenoble in April 2014, Catherine Calmels and his team deploy an ambitious communication plan to develop awareness of Planet Mountain, very directed towards international markets. To do so, Alpexpo deploys communication area with the agency H & B Communication for national and regional and specialized agency for international. Objective: To attract more and more international exhibitors and visitors to always raise awareness MOUNTAIN PLANET 2014. 

"The SAM Mountain Planet today is the reference exhibition of mountain professionals. Was born here in Grenoble, mountain town par excellence, but also innovation, two major carriers that contribute to the identity of this show. Mountain Planet aims to develop much more abroad. By addressing today its promotion via international news agency relations, we aim to make this the twenty-first edition THE APPOINTMENT WORLD MUST professionals winter and summer mountain but also the urban terrain. Moreover, Mountain Planet is also the cornerstone of the development and the Alpexpo strategy, the same one that I wanted to learn since I arrived there a little over a year. Increase its reputation is also at fair value and the value Alpexpo Grenoble / region Isère / Rhône-Alpes, "says Catherine Calmels, Managing Director of 'Alpexpo. 

About Mountain Planet 
Created in 1974 in Grenoble under the leadership of Jean Baccard then CEO Alpexpo, Michel Draper future architect and creator of several specialized magazines "mountain", as well as a passionate team (politicians, journalists, industrial .. ), the Fair Development in Mountains (SAM) was the place where "man and mountain an update" (baseline of the time). 

Since then, every two years in Grenoble - even years - the show brings together professionals from the mountain winter but also summer and the "urban planners reliefs" - with cable transport in particular - around a major exhibition, but also conferences, debates and symposia.Figures SAM 2012:- 750 exhibitors and brands- 41,000 sqm of exhibition- 15 sectors- 15,747 visitors- 10% of international visitors- 59 countries represented 

Planet Mountain has a steering committee and a Alpexpo team dedicated to its organization and promotion. Mountain Planet also relies on strong partnerships.

Mountain Planet will run from April 23 to 25, 2014 at Alpexpo - Grenoble - France 

About this site / Alpexpo 
Built in 1968 during the Winter Olympics by architects Claude and Jean Prouvé, Serge Mariz and assisted by Leon Petroff and Louis Fruitet engineers Alpexpo today is THE essential events Grenoble Park with its three pillars of activities developed on a site of 72,000 square meters:- The lobby and lobby Jean Marandjian 89 (exhibitions, trade fair and exhibition)- Alpes Congress & Space Pelvoux (congresses, conferences, conventions, meetings)- The Ultimate (concerts and shows and conventions)Alpexpo is an open, dynamic and copy its modular space.More than 200 events are held each year and drain thousands of international visitors.

Press Contacts 
H & B CommunicationMuriel Martin - Michèle Brischoux / LD: 01 58 18 32 54 - 01 58 18 32 52Mob: 06 82 92 94 47 / m.martin @ hbcommunication.fr 
Maxime Briet / LD: 04 76 39 64 67Mob: 06 82 70 80 59 / maxime.briet @ alpexpo.com

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