Business news : Merckx again in Sweden

Since June manages Bicycle Heroes re-launch of the classic racer Mark Eddy Merckx in the North.

Michel Bracké, tired of the telecommunications industry after building up the Nokia Benelux, wanted to bet everything on one of his great passions, cycling. Today, a year later, he is ready to ride through new own label Bicycle Heroes. With a couple of brands in our portfolio, one being the classic Eddy Merckx, he has begun to build distribution in Scandinavia.

Michel believes that there is room for more brands in Sweden.

- Bike is still good here in the Nordic countries with a market of 20 million people and a growing interest in the sport. Michel is probably quite right background to Eddy Merckx this time to have a successful trip in Sweden. Michel is like Eddy a cycling Belgians basically.

- Eddy Merckx is not only the top bikes but have models from almost ten thousand and up. Above all, the brand's strength rigid bikes, says Michel as saying that the former Tour de France winner still involved in the development.

To broaden Bicycle Heroes Michel chosen to take up the brand Chiru Bikes. The French brand is focusing its development on endurance mountain bikes with frames made of carbon fiber. Michel says that just Eddy Merckx and Chiru Bikes originality is brand strength in the Bicycle Heroes Nordic venture.

- Here in Sweden, many bike shops around the same brands: Scott, Specialized, Bianchi bit and Nishiki. Big brands are everywhere and where the final consumer compare prices. With these brands, we can offer quality bikes, specialists in their niche that you can make money for traders said Michel which has a first target clearly.

- I want to build up a network of 15-20 stores that fit with the brands. The stores should invest in quality and be able to sell at a higher level.

Bicycle Heroes have even distribution of French wheel brand Asterion. The focus of Asterion is quality wheels built in Italy and France.

Published 2013-06-20

Source SportFack ( Sweden )

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