Finatic unveiled Surf fin testing program

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Finatic and CJ Hobgood will change the way we all think about fins!

Perhaps one of the least understood variables affecting surfboard performance is fin choice. Surfers are now faced with the challenge of fin selection due to an overwhelming variety of brands, templates and materials; this decision is made even more difficult due to the configuration options offered by 5-fin boxes. Finatic aims to change that.
Finatic is the premiere fin testing program for surfers!

Taking a page from the Netflix playbook, Finatic offers surfers an affordable subscription-based service allowing subscribers to demo fins from FCS II, FCS, Futures Fins, Kinetik, 3D Fins and more. Members also have the ability to demo multiple fin sets simultaneously with a Platinum subscription.

Finatic provides unparalleled revenue streams for shops!

Fin demo programs at retail require constant maintenance and in most cases individual retailers are unable to stock a wide range of demo fin options. Not only does Finatic solve these issues, but Finatic has also developed a strategy that recognizes the importance of surf shops to the surf eco- system by including them in the Finatic subscription revenue streams.

Finatic Authorized Partners receive a percentage of subscription revenue generated by any referral that signs up for Finatic using their shop code.

All that a Finatic Authorized Partner has to do in return is place a Finatic Authorized Partner decal in their shop, place small Finatic promo stickers on their stock boards, and hand out flyers with their shops code to potential subscribers.

Finatic DOES NOT sell new fins, and will refer any new fin inquires to the shop associated with the initial sign up. Finatic Authorized Partners also receive a percentage of any used fin sale.
We look forward to discussing Finatic’s new business model in more detail and we hope that shops will consider partnering with Finatic Fin Testing Program.

For more information about becoming a Finatic member or becoming a Finatic Authorized Partner, please visit Finatic.com or contact service@finatic.com

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