Oregon Scientific Unveils 2015 'Smart Living' Gadgets For Fitness Enthusiasts, Weather Buffs, And Restless Sleepers

Products include time & weather stations, projection clocks, activity trackers and sleep enhancing devices

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2015 -- Oregon Scientific, a leading designer and global manufacturer of personal electronics, announces its 2015 'Smart Living' products in advance of the International Consumer Electronics Show, including new weather stations with unique forecast tracking features plus stylish projection clocks for the home or office. Also making a splash in the sleep and activity monitor market, Oregon Scientific is releasing new fitness trackers that measure heart rate and activity 24/7 along with bedside sleep devices that enhance the bedtime environment and wake-up transition.

"At Oregon Scientific we embrace innovations that helps consumers live smarter, so they can be happier, healthier and more productive," said Ryan Else, General Manager for North America.

"Our new line of Smart Living devices are perfect for individuals looking to turn a new leaf in 2015—be it in the realm of fitness, healthier sleep habits, or staying on time to meet the demands of busy schedules."

New Oregon Scientific Smart Living products showcased at Pepcom Digital Experience! 2015 include:

Alize Weather Station Collection (Models: # BAR268HG, BAR266 and RMR262)

The Alize Weather Station Collection includes three models with unique forecast tracking and time features that cater to your specific needs. Easy-to-use and accurate, the Alize Weather Station Collection eliminates having to waste valuable time turning on the TV or navigating through a website. They're perfect for the busy city dweller who prefers weather reports at a glance, parents who want to commute their kids to school, or outdoor enthusiasts who want a more advanced model to monitor extreme climate changes before they set out on their next trail or camping trip. The Alize Weather stations prices range from $24.99-$49.99 and will be available in Spring of 2015 at OregonScientific.com/us.

Wireless Pro Weather Station (Model #: WMR89A)

The Wireless Pro Weather Station is perfect for families interested in weather education, aspiring meteorologists and individuals who enjoy the outdoors. Accurate and easy-to-use, the backlit display shows the latest forecast. You can also view data from your PC by connecting the unit with the provided USB cable. The Wireless Pro Weather Station comes with the main unit, a thermo-hygro sensor, a rain gauge and a wind sensor, so you'll be equipped to set up a fully-functional weather command center from your backyard. The Wireless Pro Weather Station will be available in 2015 at OregonScientific.com/us.

DreamScience (Model #: WS683)

DreamScience was developed by leading researcher and sleep scientists from the University of Toronto and is clinically proven to soothe your mind unconsciously for a more satisfying slumber, while waking you naturally via brainwave embedded sounds. Whether you suffer from insomnia, are a light sleeper, or an employee who works at all-hours – DreamScience will allow for a better night's rest, so you can be more productive and alert during the day. DreamScience will be available in 2015 for $99.99 (price subject to change) at OregonScientific.com/us.

AuraBreeze Aroma Diffuser (Model #: WA638)

Doze off peacefully and wake up calmly to lush scents, rich sound and soft lights with the AuraBreeze Aroma Diffuser. The soft shifting hues of 6-color mood lights and the soothing sounds of nature will ease the stress of the day. This multi-sensory stimulation creates a relaxing and therapeutic ambiance, while AuraBreeze's sleek shape and minimalist style makes it an elegant accent to your home or work place. The AuraBreeze Aroma Diffuser will be available in Spring of 2015 for $99.99 (price subject to change) at OregonScientific.com/us.

Ssmart Dynamo 2+ (Model #: PE289)

The Ssmart Dynamo 2+ activity band not only tracks your heart rate, sleep patterns, walking, running, and other hi-intensity exercises, but it also keeps you connected, so you never miss a call, text message, or cell phone notification – it even supports the use of emoji icons. At a glance, get data of your activity or inactivity 24/7 to promote a healthier lifestyle. Available in navy blue or pink, the Dynamo 2+ will brighten up your life with the chic modular and comfortable design. The Ssmart Dynamo 2+ is currently available for $129.99 online at OregonScientific.com/us.

PRYSMA Projection Clock Collection (Models: # RMR221P, RRM222P and BAR223P)

Add a bold touch of color and splash of style to your home with this series of multifunctional avant-garde projection clocks. Combining vibrant color and contrasting textures in a sleek slim-line modern design, these projection clocks show the indoor/outdoor temperatures so you can dress for rain or shine, along with an AM/FM clock radio and weather station in some models. Pick a color to match your needs and your decor, and enjoy the convenient bright projection display at night! It's stunning in any light! The PRYSMA Projection Clock Collection ranges from $79.99-$99.99 and is currently available in black online at OregonScientific.com/us. The red, blue and green skews will be available 2015.

Information about Oregon Scientific's full line of product offerings can be found at www.oregonscientific.com/us.

About Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific was founded in 1989 in Portland, Oregon, a place buzzing with ideas and invention. Backed by IDT International Limited - one of the world's leading electronics manufacturers, Oregon Scientific is renowned for its technological innovations, design excellence and investment in research and development.

The company creates lifestyle electronic products that fuel people's desire for "SMART LIVING." Its products reflect the highest pursuit of technology and design, harmoniously blending fine aesthetic values with a keen appreciation for our natural surroundings.

Building on the success of its hallmark Time & Weather collection, Oregon Scientific has extended its product offerings that now include Sport, Fitness & Health, Wellness & Beauty, and Electronic Learning collections. All are designed to meet today's lifestyle needs and enhance the way we live, work and play.

SOURCE Oregon Scientific through PRNewswire

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