VeloComputer app bridges Bluetooth Smart Sensors with ANT+ Displays and Watches

VeloComputer app allows ANT+ displays and sport watches to receive performance data from Android smartphone connected to Bluetooth Smart Sensors. 

Las Vegas, NV January 07, 2015
SoundOfMotion unveils at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the new VeloComputer app for Android featuring ANT+ Virtual Sensors. This feature allows ANT+ displays and sport watches to receive speed, cadence, heart rate and power data from VeloComputer app using Bluetooth Smart Sensors. ANT+ is owned by Garmin and used in sport electronics. Bluetooth is a primary wireless communication feature in smartphones.

Many cyclists have ANT+ watches and displays. They also use apps on their smartphones. A smartphone has a computing power to record, process and share online their tracks and workouts. However, smartphones are not specifically designed for outdoors sports and cycling. They are bulky and fragile when mounted on handlebars. ANT+ displays and watches are specifically designed for outdoor usage. They are weatherproof and reliable but lack computing power, features and broadband connectivity.

The new VeloComputer app bridges the connectivity gap between smartphones and ANT+ devices. The VeloComputer app uses Bluetooth Smart Sensors to record speed, acceleration, cadence and heart rate. It also calculates power in watts. All data is stored on a phone and can be shared with other services or uploaded to a cloud. The speed, cadence, heartrate and calculated power are transmitted from VeloComputer app to multiple ANT+ displays and watches via ANT+ virtual sensor feature.

“This hybrid usage of smartphone’s broadband connectivity with an outdoor reliability of ANT+ devices bridges the gap in applicability of smartphones for cycling,” said founder Vlad Savchenko. “The smartphone can be safely placed in a pocket or under a seat with display off to conserve battery while feeding the data in real time to ANT+ devices.”

VeloComputer app is available on Google PlayStore. It is compatible with VeloComputer HUB and CRANK Bluetooth Smart Sensors which can be pre-ordered at http://VeloComputer.com for $49 and any Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors. ANT+ is supported on many smartphones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola and Google Nexus.

About the company: 

SoundOfMotion is unique in its focus on developing innovative technologies for mobile devices and sports applications. SoundOfMotion is a finalist in Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2010 and 2011. SoundOfMotion was featured at TED Active, DEMO, ‘Top 10 Bike Gadgets’ by PC Magazine, Pro-cycling magazine, Bikeradar.com, Popular Science and other media.

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