4Licensing Corporation Introduces isoBLOX® in a Protective Cap for Pitchers

Approved for on-field use by Major League Baseball

NEW YORK--(OTC Link: FOUR) - 4Licensing Corporation (“4LC”) and Pinwrest Development Group, LLC have received approval from Major League Baseball (“MLB”) for the on-field use of a new Protective Cap insert for MLB pitchers, which features the isoBLOX® patented impact protection technology. 4Licensing Corporation has a majority ownership interest in Pinwrest. 

Development and testing of the Protective Cap insert began in May of 2013. The Protective Cap insert, approved for use this Spring, is a product of significant work by 4LC and Pinwrest. All parties involved in the development and approval process were distinctly aware of the importance of finding a protective cap to protect MLB pitchers from line drives hit back to the mound.

The Protective Cap, which will be available to players on a voluntary basis, is specifically designed to provide protection to the front, front boss, and side areas of the head. 4LC/Pinwrest will proudly custom-fit those players who choose to wear the Protective Cap during MLB Spring Training beginning in February and the 2014 regular season.

“Introduction of the Protective Cap represents a very significant step in the protection of major league pitchers. Our isoBLOX® technology, combined with a foam substrate, is molded into a lightweight, flexible, impact resistant head form that provides significant impact protection and can be inserted into a regular baseball cap worn by MLB Players,” said Bruce Foster, Chief Executive Officer of 4Licensing Corporation. “The Company is in the process of developing a number of other impact protection products utilizing isoBLOX®. These products are being designed for use by athletes of all ages, in a variety of sports and activities,” added Foster.
About 4Licensing Corporation -

4LC is a licensing company specializing in specialty brands, technologies and youth-oriented markets. Through its subsidiaries, 4LC licenses the merchandising rights to popular children’s properties and product concepts, builds brands through licensing, develops ideas and concepts for licensing, and has begun to forge new business relationships in the sports licensing industry and in developing private label goods to be sold at retail or directly to consumers.

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Important factors beyond 4LC’s control, including general economic conditions, consumer spending levels, competition from toy companies, motion picture studios and other licensing companies, the uncertainty of public response to the company's properties and other factors could cause actual results to differ materially from 4LC’s expectations.

Contacts : 4Licensing Corporation / Lynda Pandolfo / lpandolfo@4LicensingCorp.com

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