Techno! An Insight Into Karrimor Technologies

Jan. 22, 2014 - Many outdoor brands have a variety of different technologies that they incorporate into their collections, but it’s not always clear exactly what they mean. FieldandTrek.com are here to provide the low down on Karrimor’s range of technologies.

First up is XLite. The main aim, and result of XLite is that the product is much lighter in weight than usual. A broad range of their running clothing, rucksacks and walking shoes incorporate XLite and the outcome is that you can travel further, faster and for longer without the weight dragging you down. The overall function is not compromised and it is worth looking out for if you are competing in a marathon or going hiking.

Whether you’re walking, running, cycling or skiing, sweating is inevitable. However, Karrimor have a  collection of clothing and footwear that have been designed with eVent® waterproof fabric. This fabric utilises Direct Venting™ Technology which enables sweat to vent directly to the outside of the fabric, allowing moisture to be let out, meaning you will stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. The prefect range for those more challenging activities.

was introduced back in 1948 and is Karrimor’s durable and waterproof system, that means the weather will never alter your plans again! The breathable and waterproof fabric is incorporated across a range of their walking shoes and clothing to ensure that you stay protected against the rain. Unlike some waterproof footwear and clothing, Karrimor’s range offers a breathable layer so is ideal for use all year round, rather than just in the colder months.

Karrimor’s collection of outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories are all designed with the wearer in mind and each of these technologies enhance the usability.

Visit www.fieldandtrek.com/Karrimor for their full range of outdoor apparel and keep informed by visit their blog at www.fieldandtrek.com/news
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