Jukz Shoes Expands its ‘Wear Your Sport’ Concept to Hats and Backpacks

Jukz Shoes Releases New Product Line at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in Las Vegas, Nevada 

Dallas, TX January 27, 2014
The makers of an innovative line of sports-based flip-flops and slides have morphed their popular ‘Wear Your Sport’ model into hats and backpacks.

Jukz Shoes is well versed at utilizing recycled sports ball material for the insoles of its shoes.
“We’ve had so much success with our shoes, we couldn’t wait to extend the concept onto hats and backpacks,” said Jukz Shoes CEO, Johnny de la Valdene.

“We’re excited to announce a brand new line of sports themed hats and backpacks that complement our shoes,” said de la Valdene.

Jukz Shoes is now producing backpacks that feature a giant zippered ball compartment for each sport. The basketball backpack, soccer backpack, and volleyball backpack are currently available for purchase for $29.95 on the JukzShoes.com website and are a must have for the sports fanatic in your family.

The baseball backpack, football backpack and tennis backpack are coming this Spring.
As far as the new hats are concerned, the Dallas-based company just made the baseball hat available for purchase on it’s website. The front bill of the hat features baseball material and red stitching, making it look and feel like a real baseball.

Jukz Shoes will release hats inspired by other sports later on this year.

These new hats and backpacks debuted at the popular Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Sports licensing is a $18 billion business and we’re proud to have a great product in that industry,” said de la Valdene.

“The reception we received for all of the Jukz products was unbelievable, recalled de la Valdene. “In addition to expanding our collegiate licensing agreements, we’ve made the decision to pursue NBA, MLB, and NFL licensing for our products.”

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