CEP Sportswear Combines Nature and Technology in New All-Season Merino Wool Compression Socks

CEP Sportswear Combines Nature and Technology in New All-Season . Merino Wool Compression Socks

, a world leader in compression sportswear, announced the launch of its all-season Merino Wool compression sock line. Built on the same foundation of graduated compression as its industry leading running products, CEP uses a blend of Merino wool and other technical yarns to create outdoor, run and ski compression socks that deliver unmatched performance. CEP’s Merino Wool compression socks have “four season technology;” individuals will experience warmth in the winter and remain cool in the summer due to the wool’s thermal regulating and moisture management properties. Merino wool is known as the world’s premium wool due to the small, soft, non-scratching and flexible fibers.

“The development of the CEP Merino compression line delivers the engineered performance and function of CEP’s proven compression technology with the natural feel and climate control of Merino,” said Brandt Furgerson, director of CEP North America. “Everyone can benefit from CEP’s compression technology. Adding a natural-fiber based yarn technology like Merino wool to our product offering increases our ability to speak to a more versatile audience who are looking for functionality and style while delivering the same compression benefits as the classic CEP compression sock.”

In combination with CEP’s performance-enhancing compression technology and Merino’s natural wicking technology that draws moisture away from skin, CEP’s Merino Wool line of compression socks is ideal for all individuals looking for a versatile performance sock that improves endurance, reduces muscle soreness and speeds recovery. The Merino wool is incorporated with other performance fibers including silk, spandex, polyamide and polypropylene for breathability, long-lasting wear and freedom of movement while performing nearly any activity. Fiber blends, thickness and padded zones vary depending on the intended use between the outdoor, run and ski socks.

CEP Merino Wool products will be available August 2014 in stores nationwide and online.

Product offerings in the Merino line come in a variety of colors and include:

Knee-High Progressive +:

o   Progressive+ Run Merino Socks  $60 SRP

o   Progressive+ Outdoor Merino Socks $60 SRP

o   Progressive+ Ski Merino Socks $60 SRP

Mid-Cut Dynamic +:

o   Dynamic+ Run Merino Socks $22.50 SRP

o   Dynamic+ Outdoor Merino Socks $25 SRP

For a list of retailers, please visit www.cepcompression.com/retailers. For a complete list of CEP products including sleeves, recovery products and other apparel, or to purchase online, go to www.cepcompression.com.

About CEP

CEP is a high-end sports brand that optimally combines performance and health with its innovative product concepts. CEP is a division of medi, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical devices in over 125 countries worldwide. For more than sixty years, medi GmbH has been an innovator of medical compression products, orthopedics, and prosthetics and compression sportswear. In 2007, Medi launched CEP to bring its cutting edge compression technology to athletes around the world. All CEP compression sock products are made in Germany.
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