The 2016 Brazil Olympic Golf Course Becomes Sustainable With the Help of Texas Company Turf Feeding Systems

The golf course being built in Brazil for the 2016 Olympics is becoming more sustainable and efficient with the help of Turf Feeding Systems. TFS will assist to reduce water, fertilizer, chemicals, labor and energy on the golf green. 

Houston, Texas  September 03, 2014
For the first time in over 100 years, The 2016 Rio Olympics will include golf as a competitive sport. With help from Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas Fergitation company, the golf course under construction will be one of the most important new courses in the golfing world.

The 2016 Olympic golf course is under construction in Rio de Janeiro and Mr. Neil Cleverly, the superintendent, is focused on soil health and increasing carbon in the sand that makes up the entire golf course. Turf Feeding Systems will assist in the project to make the course more efficient and sustainable.

Michael Chaplinsky – President / Founder Turf Feeding Systems
Turf Feeding Systems - Houston Texas – USA - The world leader in packaged fertigation systems (fertilizer injection into irrigation) for golf, sports fields, landscapes, resorts and agriculture.

Mr. Chaplinsky has worked for over 25 years implementing water efficiency and sustainability into all types of irrigated projects around the world. He speaks at many conferences and lectures on sustainable soils, landscapes, golf and agriculture.

Mr. Chaplinsky has worked with the top scientists and engineers on project that include construction, revegitation, bio-remdiation and beach erosion. He brings technologies and practices together to promote plant and soil health, and create the values and benefits of sustainability.

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