boot 2015: Inflatables, multi-purpose and sport boats at boot 2015 - a selection

Williams Sportjet 520©
The main structural element of inflatable boats is the air pumped into the inflatable tubes. Top of the range are rigid-hulled inflatable boats, known for short as RIBs.

A bathing platform above the engine, aft-facing passenger seats and a ski pole make the Williams Sportjet 520 (5.2 m, Hall/Stand 9/C 04) an ideal towboat for waterskiers and wakeboarders – for whom there should be at least one person on board to keep an eye on them.

Belonging to the offshore category of inflatables, the Pischel Ribline 6.8 Premium (6.8 m, Hall/Stand10/E 17) is a boat that unites a host of different features. It has an extremely deep V-shape for maximum comfort on the move and a huge fuel tank with a capacity of 280 L, while offering aft seating and vast storage space.

A touch of a button at the helm to lower its three wheels and the amphibious Sealegs 5.6 RIB (on show at Marina Düsseldorf, Hall/Stand 5/E 42) can be driven ashore. A speed of up to 10 km/h overland is said to be possible thanks to its inboard 24 hp Honda motor. Though the vehicle is not licensed for use on public roads, the exhibitor claims it can be beached on the meadows of the Rhine as long as 70 per cent of it stays in the water. So it is at least possible to go ashore via the bow without getting wet feet.

Small multi-purpose boats, whether fully open or with a functional wheelhouse, are popular with anglers and day-trippers.

The Quicksilver Activ 455 Open (4.55 m, Hall/Stand 9/D 39) is deemed by its maker to be the perfect entry-level model for water sports, recreation, fishing and transportation. Despite its compact size, it has a large bathing platform and, both at the bow and in the cockpit, comfortable seating for up to five.

Guymarine (Hall/Stand 4/C 40) is exhibiting for the first time in Germany and showing four boats in this category: two Antioches (6.5 and 7 m) with a wheelhouse and side-decks plus a functional fore-cabin; and two White Sharks (6.98 and 7.49 m), fully open vessels with a console helm station. 

Frauscher 747 Mirage©
Small sports boats are popular with boating novices and lovers of fair-weather craft.

The concept of the Bénéteau Flyer 7 (7.62 m, Hall/Stand 4/B 39) centres on a specially shaped hull with four air ducts between the rails over the first two thirds of the hull's length. On the move, the airstream from the boat's motion flows automatically into the ducts, creating an air cushion over the final third and lifting the hull in the process. This minimises friction and drag through the water and achieves a smoother and faster transition to planing. This versatile dayboat is available in three different deck configurations: fully open, with a saloon and as a bowrider.

The design of the Frauscher 747 Mirage (7.47 m, Hall/Stand 6/B 42) underscores Frauscher's roots in racing and also recalls super sports car design. Frauscher 747 Mirage is nominated for the European Powerboat of the Year 2015 award in the category up to 35 feet!

Source: boot Düsseldorf  ©

boot Düsseldorf 2015 is open daily, from 17 to 25 January 2015, 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. Further details and entrance tickets are available in the ticket shop. Tickets can be printed out directly upon purchase and are also valid for free trips on public transport in the area covered by the local transport company, VRR, within zone D, Region Süd.

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