GreenComm Commercializes the Motion Recognition Technology for 'a Wearable Device Distinguishing Motions'

2015 International CES--SAN JOSE, Calif.-- A wearable device, which helps healthcare by recognizing the detailed actions of the user, e.g. jump roping and playing soccer as well as walking and running, has been developed in Korea. 
GreenComm (CEO Shin Ki-chul) announced on December 30 that it developed the 'iBody 24 Planner,' a healthcare wearable device using the motion recognition technology.

Worn like a wrist watch, this device uses the tri-axial accelerometer, barometer and software to distinguish the actions of the user. For instance, device is able to determine type of exercise user did, e.g. tennis, golf and table tennis as well as walking and running, and how many calories he/she burned up.

It is based on recognition of movement patterns through sensors. As for golf, the sensor data varies when the user swings. The data pattern for each movement is used to tell what exercise the user is doing. GreenComm says that the device uses the speed and duration of movement and the intensity of the exercise along with the movement pattern to calculate calories consumed.

“As it automatically recognizes all activities of the user, the device overcomes the weaknesses of other devices that must have manual selections for different exercises,” said Shin Ki-chul, CEO of GreenComm. “As it can be used indoors, efficient healthcare is also possible.”

GreenComm said that the company co-developed technology led by Dr. Lee Taek-jin of KIST and his team. The company added that it combined this technology with the middleware it developed on its own to turn it into a wearable device.

GreenComm is planning to commercialize it in March 2015. It will introduce the technology and product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, US in January.

Contacts: Greencomm Co./ Shin Ki-chul, 408-519-5749 / CEO

Source GreenComm through BUSINESS WIRE by press release ©

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