US Consumers group Jarden ( mother company of K2, Volkl, Marker, Marmot..) buys Italian ski boots maker Dalbello

Jarden Corp, a US NYSE-listed conglomerate, will buy Italian ski boots manufacturer Dalbello, whose products are worne by some international champion skiers such as  Benedikt Staubitzer, Giorgio Rocca,  Justin Murisier, Martin Vrablik and Marc Gini.

The deal has been signed last December 23rd, MF-Milano Finanza writes today. The founder family Dalbello will sell the entire shareholders capital to Jarden but some family members will still be managing the business for a limited time in order to help in the integration process.

With headquarters in the Region of Veneto in Casella d’Asolo (Treviso), the company was founded in 1974 and since  then 13 millions of pairs of ski boots have been produced.

Jarden will acquire Dalbello through its  Jarden Action Sports division which in turn owns very wellknown brands in the ski apparel sector such as K2 and Volkl skis, Markers ski bindings and Marmot skiwear. 

Dalbello reached 30 million euros of revenues in 2014 with a 10-12% ebitda margin and has an enterprise value of around 9.5-10x its 2014 ebitda.

Financial advisor to the Dalbello family was Kpmg corporate finance, while the legal advisor was Chiomenti law firm. On the other hand Jarden was supported by  Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli &partners law firm.

This is the second deal in italy for Jarden after having bought Millefior srl, an international leader producing high-end scented candles and home perfumes, from Assietta Private Equity last July 

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