Sensilk Wearable Tech Apparel Gearing Up For Its March 3 Indiegogo Campaign

Comprehensive, strap-free heart rate monitoring system garnering professional athlete endorsements ahead of its campaign.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.—  Sensilk, a Silicon Valley-based start up with the most comprehensive heart rate monitoring system in the wearable tech market today, is receiving rave reviews from Bay Area professional and collegiate athletes ahead of its March 3 Indiegogo campaign launch.

“Being able to gather key metrics from each workout, such as heart health and activity, caloric expenditure and my level of performance allows me to track my progress and adapt my workouts to stay at the top of my game,” says former NFL player Courtney Bryan. “Sensilk clothing allows me to have these tracking capabilities without having to wear bulky devices.”

Sensilk’s clothing line, which includes the Women’s Flight Sports Bra, Men’s Flight Shirt and Sensilk X1 Sensor, uses special textile and electronic components to track the user’s heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, recovery rate, distance traveled and calories burned—all without a bulky strap, rechargeable watch or other clunky devices. Simply snap the sensor onto the clothing and start your workout, and snap it off to throw the garments in the wash as you would any other piece of clothing.

As you work out, your data is wirelessly uploaded and tracked via Sensilk’s iOS/Android-compatible mobile app, where the program’s unique heart rate algorithms analyze your data to give you a final workout score. Users can track their fitness data and final workout scores to improve fitness, as well as share their data and workouts with others and compete for the highest score.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently reported that overall wearable unit sales in 2015 will increase by a staggering 61 percent with revenues of $5.1 billion, and Sensilk’s comprehensive heart monitoring fabric technology and incentivizing mobile app is set to place it among the top contenders in this rapidly emerging industry. “Fabric will generate more data than devices in 10 years, and Sensilk’s technology and team are at the forefront to collect that data and use it to improve lives,” said Hap Klopp, Founder of The North Face and a Sensilk advisor.

Sensilk’s Indiegogo campaign is set to launch March 3, and opportunities to pre-order their line will begin in late February with expected shipment dates beginning in early April.

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Founded by former Oracle engineer and avid marathon runner Donald Yang, Sensilk is a wearable tech clothing company with the most comprehensive heart rate monitoring system on the market. The company’s line of machine washable male and female-specific clothing with conductive fabric technology, along with their unique snap-on sensor, allow users to exercise and gather important fitness data without being encumbered by uncomfortable straps, rechargeable wristlets or clunky devices. Designed to bring effective wearable tech to both recreational and professional athletes alike, Sensilk offers the most advanced technology at a reasonable price point level.

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