Boot Dusseldorf : European Yacht of the Year awards 2015

Prize ceremony at the FLAGSHIP NIGHT with awarded representatives
The best and finest in Europe’s boat industry are awarded the 'Oscars of Water Sports' every year: this is the twelfth time the international European Yacht of the Year awards are presented. The European Yacht of the Year is the most thorough competition there is for production boats, the only one that comprises 11 different magazines, from 11 different European nations, testing 25 yachts in five different categories, over two weeks in two different seas.

Only five yachts can win
Following the running of the seatrials in the autumn of 2014, and the long jury discussions, the awards for the winners of the European Yacht of the Year 2015 were announced at the FLAGSHIP NIGHT of boot Düsseldorf, Saturday 17 January. The five categories comprise Performance Cruisers, Family Cruisers, Luxury Cruisers, Special Yachts, and, for the first time to reflect the growing interest in this sector, Bluewater cruisers. As usual, there were some close decisions, particularly in the Family Cruiser and Performance Cruiser divisions, where debates raged and voting was tight.

Bavaria Cruiser 46 (Boat Presentation)
Winner in the Family Cruiser category:
The laurels in the Family Cruiser category went to the Bavaria Cruiser 46. The previous model had already been nominated for the award in 2010, when it came a close second. Much-improved in both technical and conceptual terms, the Bavaria Cruiser 46 managed to convince the jury. This is regarded as one of the most sophisticated boats in this class. 

The other nominees in the category Family Cruiser were:
JPK 10.80
Winner in the Performance Cruiser category:
The title in the Performance Cruiser category went to the JPK 10.80 from France. JPK specialises in single-handed or two-handed craft. During testing, the high-performance craft convinced the judges with top-class data.

The other nominees in the category Performance Cruiser were:
Wauquiez Centurion 57 (Boat Presentation)
Winner in the Luxury Cruiser category:
The winner in the Luxury Cruiser category was the Wauquiez Centurion 57. The sporty flagship of the French Centurion range is characterised by an athletic elegance that is particularly emphasised by the clear layout and modern finish in the finest teak.

The other nominees in the category Luxury Cruiser were:
Advanced A 44
Winner in the Special Yachts category:
Among the Special Yachts, the Advanced 44 was a firm favourite with the jury. The smart-looking Italian craft succeeds in uniting two apparently contrary concepts and is a weekender and a racer rolled into one. Loft-style luxury is the dominant impression below deck, while the A44 also scores highly with radical performance on the water.

The other nominees in the category Special Yachts were:
Boreal 52
Winner in the Bluewater Cruiser category:
The winner of the hotly-contested new Bluewater Cruiser category was the Boréal 52. The yachts from the French shipyard are regarded as an insider tip for extreme touring, particularly at higher latitudes. The Boréal 52 has an integral keel and can be allowed to beach.

The other nominees in the category Bluewater Cruiser were:

Source: yacht.de ; Delius Klasing

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