Hydrapak Extends Manufacturing Expertise To Partner Brands

Oakland, CA (January 20, 2015) – When innovative pack, vest and garment designs require equally innovative hydration solutions, Hydrapak’s technical manufacturing capabilities and design expertise are second to none.

With 45 Reservoir and SoftFlask design options readily available for OE partner brands to choose from, integrating Hydrapak hydration products into new and existing product lines is simple and provides a functional and high-quality solution.

Working closely with Hydrapak, Ergon, a Germany-based brand of innovative, ergonomic bike products, customized one Hydrapak reservoir design to fit perfectly in a new pack, the BH150, launching spring of 2015. The pack unveils a customized version of the cube shaped OHY reservoir.
“When designing our new series of bike packs we turned to Hydrapak to create a reservoir and drinking tube system that paired seamlessly with our packs,” explains Bjoern Altenhofer, Backpack Designer at Ergon. “With the importance our company puts in the ergonomics of our designs it was critical to source a hydration partner that could meet our stringent design and quality ethos.”
For the Ergon project Hydrapak designers applied their expertise in a way that exceeded the guidelines from Ergon’s design team. The solution is an appropriately-sized hydration reservoir that incorporates perfectly into strategically placed pockets to best carry the water weight when mountain biking.    

“Thermoplastic polyurethane lends itself neatly to creating specialized hydration solutions such as in the case of the Ergon partnership,” explains Sam Lopez, Director of Engineering at Hydrapak. “Hydrapak has developed innovative design processes and manufacturing expertise facilitating the process of providing the precise reservoir and bottle designs for very specific and diverse applications.”  

Lightweight and flexible, TPU is the best available material for creating soft-sided hydration solutions. All Hydrapak TPU designs are radio-frequency welded and as a result are incredibly durable as seams are bonded on the molecular level. Additionally, TPU meets stringent US and EU guidelines for food contact surfaces.

For more information on partnering with Hydrapak visit hydrapak.com or contact Jim Vernon at jim@hydrapak.com. 

For media inquires please contact Patrick Brown at patrick@palemorning.com.  


Hydrapak is the hydration specialist whose products are the easiest-to-use and most functional hydration systems available. Their technical manufacturing expertise allows Hydrapak to design and build unique and inventive solutions to portable hydration. By pushing the boundaries of design and materials, Hydrapak’s innovative solutions deliver superior performance for all activities. With input from dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, Hydrapak continuously refines its products to achieve a standard of performance unsurpassed in the industry. This strategy has positioned Hydrapak as the leading provider of personal hydration systems to an extensive and growing list of manufacturers integrating Hydrapak solutions into their products for recreational and military use.

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