SwingTracker: Cutting Edge Sensor Bringing Science-Based Motion Analysis to Baseball

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Collects over 11,000 data points per second – most comprehensive swing analysis tool available
2015 International CES /LAS VEGAS--Sports technologists at Diamond Kinetics today announced SwingTracker™, a sensor and accompanying mobile and web tools, providing quantitative analysis and mechanics diagnostics for performance improvement in baseball or softball. Measuring 15 different swing metrics, including power and speed efficiency, SwingTracker is the most comprehensive swing measurement tool available. It is also the only device of its kind to sync video with key data points throughout the swing. 

“SwingTracker takes the guesswork out of bat speed, hand speed and approach angle,” said Chris Sidick, Baseball Trainer/Instructor at C-Side Sports. “Now we can show a player exactly what they are doing during a swing.”

The product will be demonstrated at Booth #’s 75788/75790, Sands Convention Center at the 2015 International CES Conference opening today in Las Vegas.

SwingTracker PRODUCT:

SwingTracker brings science-based motion analysis to the baseball/softball swing. The removable sensor attaches to the bat knob and collects 11,000 data points per second. It sends data via Bluetooth to the app.


The SwingTracker software provides data on scientifically driven motion and mechanics analysis, a 3D swing viewer, the ability to pair mobile video with swing data, and access to training features. It is the gateway to DiamondCLUB™, where players can work with coaches remotely. The SwingTracker App works on an iPhone 4 or above or an iPod touch (Gen 3 or above). Multiple accounts can be used with one sensor.


All users are automatically enrolled in the DiamondCLUB when creating a SwingTracker profile. Benefits include:
  • Connecting with players and coaches
  • Tracking swing progress
  • Customizable analysis dashboards based on user inputs such as skill level, bat type, etc.
SwingTracker costs $149.99, including mobile app and DiamondCLUB access.


Founded in 2012, Diamond Kinetics is a Pittsburgh-based company focused on bringing motion data and analytics to players of all ages and skill levels, and their coaches, in baseball and softball.
Building upon intellectual property developed at both the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, the company has combined engineering talent, innovation and a fanatical passion for the sports to create the most cutting edge motion analysis and skill improvement tools available.

Diamond Kinetics / Katrina Brown, 412-223-5341 / kbrown@diamondkinetics.com

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