Female SCUBA Divers Kick And Scream For New Dive Watch Using Kickstarter

With the industry lacking of female products, ten women spent over a year designing and testing and have now released, Marina, a dive watch through Kickstarter in order to raise funds for manufacturing

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 9, 2014-- So far, we've raised $27,000 on Kickstarter to fund an affordable female dive watch that is unique because of its strength, durability, and features. "Why? ... because nothing exists yet at an affordable price that has the functions that us lady divers have been searching for. Imagine 10 women who spent a year and a half creating a dive watch that is not only beautiful enough to compare to a Rolex, but as strong as a tank.

The women's SCUBA market has been screaming for one and finally, we created it," says Lead Designer, Chelsea Abingdon Welch. Bridging the gap for women's adventure sports is one more step to being closed. Dive watches already exist, but are mostly built for men. If a woman wants a dive watch, the durable useful ones are too expensive. The other option is a cheap flimsy one that you would find at WalMart - which won't last for more than only a couple dives. We wanted to fill a gap in the marketplace so we have built and tested prototypes and rolled it out on Kickstarter.

The feedback has been incredible. See https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abingdonco/a-revolutionary-womens-dive-watch-designed-by-wome

Some of the incentives for the Kickstarter include an 5 day/4 night dive excursion to the Bahamas with stingray safaris at Neal Watson's famous dive resort at Bimini island, flight lessons over Las Vegas strip along with dinner and a show, and even the opportunity to name the new watch after yourself or someone you love.

The Abingdon Co. started when a female pilot, Chelsea Abingdon Welch (Discovery Channel's Flying Wild Alaska, Alibaba.com Empowering Women Campaign), was learning how to fly and couldn't a decent watch that wasn't made for men. Recognizing that women do adventurous activities like flying, skydiving, SCUBA diving, and race car driving, she created The Abingdon Co. on her birthday, November 3, 2007 which creates adventure luxury watches at affordable prices. Each watch released by the company is named after a woman's name, i.e. Jackie, Elise, Amelia, Marina, etc. Visit http://www.TheAbingdonCo.com

The Kickstarter campaign ends December 25, 2014. If you have any questions or if you want to speak with Ms. Welch, please feel free to contact her directly at (702) 530-9438. Her office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contact: Mike Kamer/ Marketing Manager, The Abingdon Co./ (702) 530-9438

SOURCE The Abingdon Co. through PRNewswire by press release ©

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