Penny skateboards unveiled 3D Design customiser

What could be better than a Penny that’s 100% your own creation? Seeing your custom design in true 3D, of course! Now you can see the results of your creativity in 3D by using the world’s first true 3D skateboard customiser – and it’s Penny’s 3D Customiser.

Your custom skateboard will look exactly like the real thing… and from all sides. Plus there are loads of new colours and parts to get excited about – so the possibilities for your design are endless.

A World First

It’s the first true 3D skateboard customiser in the world, and you can be one of the first to jump in and try it for yourself.

Build your own Penny to be just the way you like it, and show it off to everyone you know using #my3Dpenny – you could even win your own design for yourself and five friends!

Get creative – your board is a true expression of your own creativity, and doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s! That’s unless you want it to, in which case there are plenty of designs in our Penny 3D Gallery to take inspiration from.

Penny 3D Customiser How-To

Making your own Penny in 3D is easy, but we’ve got a go-to guide to be sure you’re making the most of it.

Step 1: Choose Your Size
A 22” Penny is a compact board that’s great for carrying around, and the 27” Nickel is a well-loved board that’s perfect for cruising around the streets. Whatever your preference, Penny’s got you covered.

Step 2: Get Creative with Colour!
We have the only Penny customiser that lets you colour individual wheels, trucks, and bolts, and add panel stickers and grip tape. What does your dream Penny look like?

Step 3: Share Your Design!
Skate, buy or share your custom design using #my3DPenny on Instagram and Facebook!

And you’re done! Start creating now…

#my3Dpenny Comp

Entries for our #my3Dpenny competition are limited to one per person. Competition closes December 17, 2014 and winners will be announced soon after.
Check out other Penny 3D creations here

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