Indoor freestyle center will open its doors in Munich in fall 2015

The GravityLab will be located near the Central Station East, in Munich, providing kids, teenagers, adults and professional athletes with year-round and all-weather access to freestyle sports.

The 1,500 sqm indoor freestyle hall leaves almost nothing to be desired. A trampoline zone is planned including a supertramp with airbag for safe training, as well as skate and bike pump tracks, professional gymnastic equipment, acrobatic and parkour areas and a big air ramp with airbag for soft landings.

Snowboarders and freeskiers are especially excited about the new freestyle facility:
 “The GravityLab will push freestyle sports to a new level and close the gap between the great demand and the supply. We finally have an innovative sports facility at a great location that supports our youth and offers access to these kind of sports to anyone”,says Prof. Hanns-Michael Hölz, Snowboard Germany’s president.

As well as professional athletes kids and teenagers will benefit from the GravityLab, as most of them only know freestyle sports from the internet or from TV. There will be a designated Kids Zone that will focus on the promotion of sports to youngsters, while the facility’s operators are also open to cooperating with schools in Munich.

The prospect for the project’s success couldn’t be better.The team has great links with the professional freestyle scene, including professional athletes from snowboarding (Nicola Thost), freeskiing (Bene Mayr), wakeboarding (Bernhard Hinterberger), parkour (Andi Müller), skateboarding and mountainbiking. Cooperations with the respective associations (FIS, DOSB, DSV, Freeski Network, Parkour FAM e.V.) have already been set up, and investment talks with Business Angels and private investors are in full swing.

For the most recent news about the project go to  www.gravitylab.de or visit the facebook page of the GravityLab.

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